86: Blank

I have nothing to write about it

My mind is blank and i don’t want to fill the blank space of this post with a meaningless point

I wouldn’t exactly call it writers block because I can write but I don’t feel like I’m connecting with what I’m writing today

I’m hiding my true thoughts, my true feelings and have binged on random indie films on Amazon prime. I don’t even understand where the blank feeling is coming from. I’m not in a bad place, good things are happening all around but yet I just feel blank


That may be a better way to describe my headspace right now. It’s not the numbness that comes from pain though, just the general malaise that day to day life brings with it

I’m writing this now when I have slight motivation to write anything otherwise I just wont do it

Sometimes, when you have nothing to say, maybe its a good idea not to pretend that you do

Be well



84: Newtons Law

Objects in motion will remain in motion unless acted upon by an external force

Objects not in motion will remain not in motion unless acted upon by an external force

This is one of Isaac Newton’s laws that has helped shape our world

I am living that law this very minute. Truth be told, I am always subject to this basic law of life, as are you and everything else

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79: No Valid Excuse


It’s been a long day. Where does one go to find motivation to write a blog post when all you want to truly do is call it a day?

I don’t know about you but for me, it would seem that I rely on my stated commitment to write a post every day for all of 2018

I remind myself that regardless of whether it helps anybody (that’s always my hope, that it will) or whether it’s even any good or not, a commitment is a commitment

I sometimes wonder what my life would be like if I was this steadfast with other desires and ambitions

Imagine I decided that I would make 10 calls and send 10 emails every day for a whole year to people and companies that I believed would further my dreams….where could I be in a years time?

Imagine I was stubborn with my commitment to eating healthily and working out? What type of health and fitness could I achieve in a year or perhaps 2 years?

Sometimes just doing things because you’ve committed to doing them is all you can ask of yourself

Yeah, progress may be slow and often feel non existent but don’t let that fool you, the mere fact that you are working consistently towards your goal(s) is proof enough that you will get there in the end

So, being tired is no longer a good enough excuse

Lacking knowledge, finances, the ‘right’ connections is no longer good enough excuses

The only true reason, the only real answer to why you don’t do anything in life should be “because I don’t want to”

Nobody can fault you for not wanting to do something and then not doing it

Otherwise, stay in your grind

Be well


78: Fragile Dreams

I’m on the train, on my way back from my writers group meet up

I’m both inspired and also had a dose of cold water reality thrown on my face (in a good way)

I love being a part of something that challenges me to improve but yet feels safe.

As writers, of any kind really but I’m specifically thinking about screenwriters, we can often be insecure about showing our work to others

Being judged is a dream and talent killer, especially when the dream or talent is still young and fragile

But a young and fragile dream must grow, it must develop roots of its own if it has any hopes of standing on its own

Whatever your fragile dream or talent may be, recognise that the only way it can grow is for it to be exposed to others, scrutinised and developed through consultation

You need feedback

You need sculpting

You need support. Period

This writers group consists of such incredibly powerful writers with sharp points of views that it makes me sharper by association

I learn from them and hopefully contribute to the group too

It’s a mastermind of sorts

Fragile dreams need to grow

Grow and strengthen your own

Be well


72: Build Your Own

Every person is the master in their own home

Would you accept being bossed around in your own home by a stranger?

Would you even accept it from a close friend or family relative? I hope the answer is no, I mean why would you allow yourself to be bosses around, not in your own home!

We all may not be able to rule or control many things in life but we can definitely rule, control what happens in our own home

That is our domain, regardless of how big or small it is

That is our home – we should treat our lives in the same way. Why would we allow anyone to determine, decide or define any aspect of our lives that contradicts who we are or who we desire to become

We have to build our own

Our own homes, businesses, opportunities and ultimately lives

If we don’t build it then guess what? We will ask someone else to rent a room in the house they built which means they will determine everything for us, the cost of rent, curfew, whether we can bring guests or not etc

Understand that everything I’m writing should be taken metaphorically

Building your own house means taking charge of your situation and building a house that is large enough to serve as a home for the many facets of things you want to do

Build your own and nobody can take it from you and if they did you have gained the skills required to build another one

Be well