The One thing

Day Sixty Three

Today I have thought a lot about the one – and no, it’s not a woman or love interest but the one thing I’ll need to do in my immediate present that will have the greatest impact on my life from here on out

Now that I’m sober and staying away from pornography, masturbation and the like, I have all this opportunity to turn my attention to something else

I’ve tried to lose weight so many times in the past and yes that’s my one thing that could and would change everything

With the momentum I’ve built so far this year, I think this time around, losing weight could be very different, long lasting and permanent.

So that’s where I’m turning my attention to next, and in doing so, it will help me build even more momentum

What’s your one thing

Taking time off

Day Sixty

I’m on annual leave. I haven’t taken time off from work for about 6 months or so.

Every so often you need to switch off. So that’s what I’m doing.

The only reason I will keep writing during my time off is because I said I would.

But for today I’ll keep it short


That short