Big Rocks

Rocks get eroded by water gradually over time

Day seven.

So you’ve got some big goals and even bigger dreams to achieve? Consider those as your big rocks.

You can’t change the face of of your big rocks overnight. So don’t expect anything to happen immediately, you’re going to have to be long term focused to truly shift and change things.

This concept of big rocks is one I’m slowly thinking about as I consider what it truly takes to transform a life.

Addictions are also big rocks, so are any other habits, good or bad that we’ve consistently held for so long that now we struggle not to enact them.

I won’t be able to erode an addiction in the short term but with constant action, meditation and attention to it, slowly and surely I will erode it.

Actions are like water, they are the substance that eventually cause big rocks to dissolve.

I’m still developing this concept more so we’ll see where it all leads but I’m certainly intrigued by it and it helps me with my sobriety.



77: Lady Lucky

“Oh, did you hear?” Micheal starts as Jason sips his coffee

“what’s that?” Jason politely asks even though deep down he’s not all that interested. It’s way too early in the day, he had a massive argument with his live in girlfriend Jane last night and they’re still not on speaking terms

“Sarah’s just got promoted to senior VP at her marketing firm, you remember Sarah?” Micheal excitedly exclaims

“she was only like my girlfriend for what? most of secondary school?” Jason retorts, his mind already thinking back to ‘the one that got away’. “yeah, she was, until you blew it and chose Jane over her, or should I say, cheated with Jane” Micheal teases

“that was a long time ago Mike, I was just a kid and how can she be ‘senior’ vice president when she’s just our age?” Jason struggles to hide the uneasy sense of discontentment with his own life progression

Micheal shrugs, he never was one to look into things any deeper than what met the eyes. His blue eyes, blond hair made him popular with the ladies on first impression, too bad he lacked drive and ambition to establish himself as successful. The women in his life would quickly tire of his inability to initiate anything and they would reluctantly walk away

At 6 foot 2, he was usually the tallest in the room, and as such most people would initially defer to him as the natural leader until they realised that Micheal didn’t want or like the responsibility of leading others. He wasn’t a leading man

Jason on the other hand, short,  5 foot 7 at best, hazel nut eyes and a caramel complexion, the result of a short lived love affair between his English mum and his African dad. Jason didn’t inspire the same initial sentiments as his tall friend Michael but all a person needed to do was spend longer than 5 minutes with him and they would quickly realise that contained within his small stature, was a giant

But he felt like a failure. All this potential within and yet both he and his friend were both struggling to make any sort of headway in life and establish themselves as successful men

The only difference between the two of them was Jason was aware of his dissatisfaction in life

“I guess she’s just lucky. Always has been” Micheal finally responds

“Yeah maybe. I could do with some of that luck” Jason says as he sips his coffee. Where was his luck in life?

To be continued