26: Discover True Value

Luxury cars can cost £250,000 minimum. Some homes have been sold for 50 Million, yet in this world it’s also possible to find people willing to take a life for less than one grand

It seems our society has a huge disparity in what we deem as valuable

The value of life can never be quantified, not in its truest essence and yet it’s the one thing we all at one point of another devalue the most

What do you value? How much would you be willing to pay for it?

Is it worth the price you’ve valued it at?

If it is then please, by all means, pay the price for it

It doesn’t matter whether everybody agrees with you or nobody does

The barter system of ancient civilisations still exists but it’s just become more sophisticated

Now, more than just exchanging goods for in kind services or similar goods deemed of equal worth, we can inflate as well as deflate the worth of pretty much anything

Including you

Your worth can be inflated by yes men, a good streak of luck and a massive ego to go with it

On the flip side your true worth can be deflated by negative people who put you down every chance they get, circumstances that make you feel stuck

Both scenarios can cause a person to have a distorted self image where they lack a true understand of their value

Both scenarios are unhealthy

Both scenarios can ruin a persons potential and ultimately life

So, take the time whenever purchasing anything to assess whether the value quoted is worth it

This much I know

You most definitely are worth it

Be well


19: Ego Is The Enemy

So I’ve finished reading ‘The 4 Hour Work Week’ by Tim Ferris and now I’ve picked up this

I’m already 5 or 6 chapters in and in my opinion Ryan Holiday is a genius, for the simple fact that he probably would despise being called a genius

So far in Ego is the enemy, I have discovered that our lack of success in relationship, chosen career and ultimately: Life! Comes down to one simple thing: EGO

As I read this book, my own ego is taking a beating, left, right and centre because I recognise myself in the many anecdotes Ryan uses to illustrate the points he’s making

I am discovering just how focused on outward ‘success’ I have become as opposed to doing good work because it benefits everyone to do so

As I move through the chapters, my entitled mentality, my need for recognition and desire to be ‘better’ than, have ‘more’ than others begins to rise up to the surface

I don’t know how I’ll feel by the end of reading this book but as I progress through it right now, one thing is certain, I’m finally reading a book that feels timely to my life experience right now

If I have any hope of side stepping my ego so that I can truly do things that matter even if only to me, then I think I need to internalise this book

I used this view to contemplate the things I had learned today

Be well


10: Invest

See everything you do as an investment

At least that’s what I’m starting to tell myself

It’s time to juggle my dreams with my day job and my personal life and none of them seem to be letting up

See all of it as an investment

Every effort

Every hour past quitting time at the day job

Every choice to do the things that I once out off

It’s all a big investment that will pay off some day in the future if I don’t get tired and give up

The first corporate contract that I write about winning is now demanding that I fulfil the big talk I gave to obtain it in the first place

I’ll need to invest time to deliver on that contract.

My new script fell to the wayside and now I’ve decided that I’ll have it done by this Sunday, why? So I’m forced to write

I’ll need to invest time to make that possible

Just like my money, I can waste or invest my time. Only one of those choices will give me a fighting chance of seeing returns

I’ll invest

Be well


51: Killing Baby Dragons

Is way easier than killing fully grown ones

So before it grows up and becomes a terrifying, fire breathing monster, destroy it while it’s still young

Same goes for bad habits

If you’re aware of repetitive behaviours you have that clearly stand in the way of your progress or at the very least slow you down on your journey, now is the time to begin dealing with them

No, “I’ll get to it later” is not a suitable attitude or response to have when it comes to confronting your habits, which is essentially confronting your own demons head on

Baby dragons may look cute, friendly and harmless but don’t let that fool you

When fully grown, they will destroy everything within close proximity to them

The time to slay them is now

Be well


50: Easy To Form, Hard To Break

Bad habits

They destroy lives in the most sinister way, how? by creating shackles around a poor soul and dragging them down to a baseless form of existence

Bad habits are easy to form

They are often pleasurable and comforting in the beginning. They make us feel temporarily better in the short term and often they are a quick fix in changing our state

You know what your bad habits are

Continue reading “50: Easy To Form, Hard To Break”

47: What I learned

Today I set myself an experiment to focus on work and not get distracted by anything for sixty minutes

I failed miserably

I couldn’t even focus for 10 minutes because my time wasn’t my own today

I had so many other pressing matters to deal with that I barely had time to answer emails let alone set aside one hour where I could focus on working on things I wanted to

What did I learn?

Action should always be monitored

If you don’t monitor your actions, you will never know how far behind or ahead you truly are

It’s easy to be distracted

There are too many things demanding our time and attention and it’s so easy to cave and allow these things to carry us away

I won’t grow any further if I continue like this

It was such a small experiment but yet it revealed so much

One of the revelations was that if I were to continue working the same way I worked today then my growth as a career orientated person will be super limited

I did what I was required to do but nothing more

In fact I was mediocre at best

I gave an average performance because my time wasn’t my own and I wasn’t driving the day by attempting to achieve things I consider important

I am what I repeatedly do

If I gave a poor performance every day like the average performance I gave today, what does that make me?

Nothing further your honour

Self awareness is a big step towards change

By conducting this small experiment I was able to become aware of where I can stand to improve

Had I never even attempted this little experiment, I wouldn’t of gained the awareness

Do more tiny experiments

I’ll continue more experiments in my bid to leave Average town and enter Winners island which is only accessible via private jet

Don’t be too easy on yourself in a bid not to be too hard on yourself

Like anything else in life, balance is paramount

Be well


Sixty Minutes Experiment

I’m going to try something today

I’m going to see how effective I can be during one hour of my day

I will keep it focused on my 9-5 job so that my parameters are clear

Can one well spent hour make a difference to the rest of your day?

Can your mind truly stay focused for that long a period of time to get the job done?

Right now I don’t think I can even keep my mind focused on anything for longer than 10 minutes (and that’s me being generous)

Just one hour

Sixty minutes of complete and total focus

No allowing emails, phone calls or even colleagues to distract me and take me away from whatever I will be focusing on during that hour

I just want to see how hard or easy it will be for me

I may have to try it a few times before I get it right but I’m assuming I’ll be better for it

An hour of concentrated effort – a lot can get done in an hour

Time to see how much I can do in that timeframe

Be well


It doesn’t get easier but….

You can get better

life will never get easier, sure, you may have moments, periods and even seasons where it seems as if you can do no wrong but those will be few and far in between in comparison to the consistent hard knocks that we all will face

It’s the difficulty in finding the energy, passion and resources to build a dream business after your normal work hours are done and you can barely even think because you have already given your all at work Continue reading “It doesn’t get easier but….”

Upping My Elvis

what the hell does that title mean?

I have no clue either but I am currently in Lyme Regis on a week long development course courtesy of the 9 – 5. Today was the first day, after a 3 hour train journey, our group of 10 arrived at just past midday

After some great lunch, it was time to do business

This week we will be exploring how we show up to work, the impact we have on others and how to maximise our creativity

They say teaching or at least relaying information is the best way to learn it

So here it goes Continue reading “Upping My Elvis”