71: Good Things Happen To Us All

A while back I wrote about a potential opportunity that I had lingering in the air, i wrote about my concerns of said opportunity not coming to fruition

I even had to affirm myself on this blog to declare that I believe myself to be worthy, capable and deserving of this opportunity

well, its happened! The client has signed off and I have officially stepped into a whole new reality and zone of possibilities

Perhaps it hasn’t fully sunk in yet or maybe its the dawning of realisation that this opportunity is far from a free ride but rather just a offering of more and more hard work

But if done right, it can lead to similar or even bigger opportunities

I am keeping the nature of the ‘opportunity’ vague as it’s still processing and also because I figured it’s much better for me to just ‘get on with it’ now that I have received the green light that it will happen

It got me thinking: good things truly do happen to and for us all. Sometimes we can go through a very long stretch of time where it feels like nothing is happening and we are not progressing in life but rather just standing still

when and if you feel like that, remind yourself that good things happen to us all and therefore they can and will happen to you too. It’s just a matter of timing

Be patient

Not the type of patience where you sit and wait for things to happen to and for you – no – I’m encouraging the kind of patience that wakes up in the morning, ready to take charge of the day and make things happen, knowing that it may not happen to day, tomorrow or even this week but this is no reason to give up

I’m talking about active patience – Active in working towards whatever it is you truly want, patient in recognising that things take time and won’t happen over night

Be so busy being actively patient in the pursuit of your dreams and goals that you dont have time to notice that good things have yet to happen – but trust me when I say, you WILL notice when they do 🙂

Be well


62: Writing Season

Writing season

Time to go back to basic

The plan is to write a feature length screenplay this month (August), only way I can do that is to be as structured as possible in my approach

A minimum of 15 minutes of my day has to be dedicated to writing – No,Matter.What

It will have to be a daily commitment

Write regardless

Writers block is an excuse

I don’t have time for excuses of any kind. I told myself I would write three screenplays this year, so far I’ve only completed one, granted, I wrote that one and then put it through production but it’s time to erase the scoreboard and start from scratch

There’s no time to get caught up in past achievements or even things I’m already working on, not when I know I can do even more

Not when I don’t feel like I have scratched the surface of potential

So, writing the first draft of my new screenplay, soon to be film ‘Christmas Blues’ is the new goal

It means having even less focus and time for this blog unfortunately and that will be reflected in the quality of what I write here – until I at least get better as a writer

For now, I’ll be wiping the scoreboard, starting over again and putting up new numbers on the scoreboard

Keep moving forward

Be well


55: No Scrubs

“I’d rather live enormous, than die dormant” a rapper once declared and it resonated with me as a young listener

I too would rather live enormous than die dormant, I can’t allow my vision of what my life could be, not become reality by being so lazy as to live a dormant life

“Being broke at 30 give’s a brother the chills” – wise words from the Notorious B.I.G and how true indeed. Not that 30 is a magical number but age along with money is one of the ways we measure our progress

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29: What Came First?

Focus or behaviour?

Passion or Persistence?

I need all the above and yet I don’t feel like i have any of it

I do not feel focused, my actions don’t follow my intentions and I am not sure whether its the fact that I am lacking persistence or whether its the passion that I am truly lacking

it causes me to wonder what comes first

Do I work on where my attentions lie or do I focus on what I do on a day to day basis to help me change the things I want to change?

What do you do?

How do you follow through on your goals and objectives?

How do you make sure that you are as productive in your private life as you aspire to be in your public, professional life?

When too many things are vying for your attention, how do you decide what is your priority and what is a ‘nice to have’

What came first?

The act of writing or the desire to write itself?

It’s just a few weeks past the half way mark of the year and I must admit that my life is becoming more and more hectic

I desperately need to find resolve, a reason to write my best writing and produce my best work all round

I just don’t know what to focus on first and what will make the best use of my time

What I’m doing now isn’t working

Be well