6: Stillness For Steel-ness

Okay, so steel-ness is not a word

But I hope the wordplay worked

I’m in need of some quiet time

I should make time to meditate and be still

But I haven’t done it in a long time

I keep putting it off. There’s never enough time

Yet my inner person is craving it

So why do I avoid something I crave so much?

Because I fear it at the same time

I worry that I won’t like who I find waiting for me within if I took the time to look

I’m worried that before steel-ness comes from stillness, it will break me first

Perhaps it’s all the frustration I fail to to discuss or disclose for fear of upsetting others

Or maybe it’s the disappointments I bury deep inside to help me better cope with life

Who truly knows?

The inner me does

I know this may all be too hippie dippie for some. Too woo woo for others and even bizarre for another set of people but this is me

I’m a mixture of urban black boy meets spiritual interests, centred and grounded in creative exploits

I can pretend to be someone else, something else but it would never satisfy me in the end

So stillness it is

At some point I will overcome the fear of what lies beneath the surface and decide to take a look

How bad can it be?

Be well


1: Celebrate The Journey

“You’ve had a great year you know” her voice, although slightly tired for an early Saturday afternoon was as sweet as ever

Nicole was still serving as my cheerleader, personal motivator and best friend, “do you ever stop and actually celebrate your wins?” She asks, “erm, yeah…guess so” I haphazardly reply but she knows me well enough to see past that

“No, you don’t and that’s a shame. You should stop every once in a while and celebrate how far you’ve come” she continues “in fact, that should be the topic of your next blog”

“Good idea” I reply, “are you gonna credit me in the post?” She asks through a smile that I can picture even though I can’t see her (I’m not one for FaceTime, she wouldn’t mind) “why would I do that?” I retort and she let’s out her signature ‘Nicole laugh’ – our phone conversation continues as normal about our day to day lives but the point she made sticks with me

So here I am writing about celebrating the journey regardless of whether we’ve made it to our destination yet or not

Small victories are worthy of our self praise, celebrations and can actually help reinforce our self belief in what we are ultimately working to accomplish

This year, one of my feature films was selected for two film festivals. I completed a documentary that will be coming out in America (my first international project!) at the end of this year or early next year

I filmed a low budget feature film over the summer called ‘Insanity’ – a drama about break ups and break downs and that will soon be in the post production stages –

I’m writing my final film for 2018 that I hope to film in December as it’s Christmas themed – if I achieve that then I would of essentially made three feature length films this year

I also secured my first corporate contract for film making and although it’s still a current contract that I’ve yet to fulfil, my eyes have been opened to the possibilities out there for future corporate work centred around filmmaking

As an introvert I went out more this year than ever before. I still turn down most social invitations but now it’s because I’ve learned even more about myself and as stupid as it sounds coming from an introvert: I like my own company and like being alone for long periods of time

Theres also a bunch of other projects that are in various stages of development that I’m somehow involved in, directing, producing, project managing or what have you

So yes it’s been a very good year in some respects

Not to mention, this blog: although very slow in growing it, I at least stuck with my commitment to write a post daily. For the most part, I’ve kept up with that

Listing the above just reminds me of two things: 1) success is a science and you can get a lot done if you just try and apply yourself and you do it consistently

I don’t even feel or classify myself as successful (yet) but yet the results are slowly starting to build up

2) none of it will make you happy because happiness is an art, not a science. You can have the whole world and still feel soulless. Sometimes, this year I’ve felt the lowest I’ve ever felt because although I achieved ‘things’ – maybe I felt lonely, discouraged or plain unhappy with myself or my life

Relationships are were it’s at. Life feels sweeter when experienced with others

Anyone can purchase a house but it’s the people within it who will make it feel like a home

So celebrate your small wins, it’s part of the art of being a more fulfilled human being

Be well


85: Shift Happens

Nothing last forever

I’m grateful for that fact. Looking back to certain moments in my life that truly felt like hell on earth, I’m so grateful that they didn’t last forever ( like it felt they would at the time)

Things show up for a moment and then fortunately (or unfortunately), the moment passes

It’s almost like we as human beings are either enduring or enjoying a phase of our lives at any given moment

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84: Newtons Law

Objects in motion will remain in motion unless acted upon by an external force

Objects not in motion will remain not in motion unless acted upon by an external force

This is one of Isaac Newton’s laws that has helped shape our world

I am living that law this very minute. Truth be told, I am always subject to this basic law of life, as are you and everything else

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80: Know Your Worth

I used to ask people to do things for free to help me achieve my objectives

I asked them to do it for free because I didn’t have the money to pay them

Most people I approached (98%) were willing to do it and I have greatly appreciated this support

Now as things slowly begin to turn around and I financially make progress, I’m starting to recognise the value and benefit of paying people as close to what they’re worth as possible

I still ask for freebies and in turn work for free or find other ‘in kind’ support but I’m slowly growing up to the fact that all of us are worth so much

And if we have managed to craft a skill and develop a talent that the market values, then we should be compensated for it accordingly

Working for free is invaluable experience. It builds up your self confidence and provides a soft landing pad to fail

There is not as much at stake and you also gain the benefit of working for the passion, the love and the sake of doing good work alone. This becomes your reward. Your true reward

But there will come a time when you will need to shift from being a ‘Free’lancer to charging what you think your work is worth and sticking with it

And if the person hiring does not recognise or value your work at the same rate that you do, be willing to walk away if need be until you find the right client willing to pay you your worth

Know your worth

If you’re right at the beginning of your path, ‘freebies’ are the way to go

You work hard enough on that craft and it turns into a skill worth paying for

You are invaluable as a person from the day of your birth

But your worth to the market place increases with effort and focus

Know your worth

Be well


79: No Valid Excuse


It’s been a long day. Where does one go to find motivation to write a blog post when all you want to truly do is call it a day?

I don’t know about you but for me, it would seem that I rely on my stated commitment to write a post every day for all of 2018

I remind myself that regardless of whether it helps anybody (that’s always my hope, that it will) or whether it’s even any good or not, a commitment is a commitment

I sometimes wonder what my life would be like if I was this steadfast with other desires and ambitions

Imagine I decided that I would make 10 calls and send 10 emails every day for a whole year to people and companies that I believed would further my dreams….where could I be in a years time?

Imagine I was stubborn with my commitment to eating healthily and working out? What type of health and fitness could I achieve in a year or perhaps 2 years?

Sometimes just doing things because you’ve committed to doing them is all you can ask of yourself

Yeah, progress may be slow and often feel non existent but don’t let that fool you, the mere fact that you are working consistently towards your goal(s) is proof enough that you will get there in the end

So, being tired is no longer a good enough excuse

Lacking knowledge, finances, the ‘right’ connections is no longer good enough excuses

The only true reason, the only real answer to why you don’t do anything in life should be “because I don’t want to”

Nobody can fault you for not wanting to do something and then not doing it

Otherwise, stay in your grind

Be well


75: Why

Simon Sinek believes that people are successful or fail to rise to the height of success due to one thing

Their why

Asking that question and finding a true answer for it, one that has enough meaning for you to stay motivated during the inevitable hard times

What’s your why?

What’s mine?

The answer to that is what will lead you to your path in life

Be well