24: Have Order

I hate order. Most so called creatives will say that.

After all, does the free bird not despise a cage? Doesn’t too much planning and structure destroy spontaneity?

The truth is, in most cases, the better ordered and structured our lives become, the more time it frees up for us to do the things we love the most

Order can be a vehicle through which spontaneity can be properly channelled. Structure gives us direction and guidance, without it we can burn ourselves out running to and fro with no real purpose or aim

An investor with no structured plan or guide is merely a gambler

A dog without a leash will chase every car, bird and distraction it encounters

A mind untrained to think things through thoroughly will be shaken up by every external event that arises

Order. Structure. Discipline

Words I consider burdensome yet I now realise I must work hard to befriend them and use them as allies

Because without them I won’t get as far as I could with them

Be well