71: Good Things Happen To Us All

A while back I wrote about a potential opportunity that I had lingering in the air, i wrote about my concerns of said opportunity not coming to fruition

I even had to affirm myself on this blog to declare that I believe myself to be worthy, capable and deserving of this opportunity

well, its happened! The client has signed off and I have officially stepped into a whole new reality and zone of possibilities

Perhaps it hasn’t fully sunk in yet or maybe its the dawning of realisation that this opportunity is far from a free ride but rather just a offering of more and more hard work

But if done right, it can lead to similar or even bigger opportunities

I am keeping the nature of the ‘opportunity’ vague as it’s still processing and also because I figured it’s much better for me to just ‘get on with it’ now that I have received the green light that it will happen

It got me thinking: good things truly do happen to and for us all. Sometimes we can go through a very long stretch of time where it feels like nothing is happening and we are not progressing in life but rather just standing still

when and if you feel like that, remind yourself that good things happen to us all and therefore they can and will happen to you too. It’s just a matter of timing

Be patient

Not the type of patience where you sit and wait for things to happen to and for you – no – I’m encouraging the kind of patience that wakes up in the morning, ready to take charge of the day and make things happen, knowing that it may not happen to day, tomorrow or even this week but this is no reason to give up

I’m talking about active patience – Active in working towards whatever it is you truly want, patient in recognising that things take time and won’t happen over night

Be so busy being actively patient in the pursuit of your dreams and goals that you dont have time to notice that good things have yet to happen – but trust me when I say, you WILL notice when they do 🙂

Be well


What’s The Worst?Digest

They say no

They say they’re not interested

They take the idea and run with it without me

Okay….aside from maybe the last one, nothing truly harmful will happen to me

This is what I’ve been telling myself regarding an idea that I’m shortly due to pitch

The worst that can happen is they are not interested or pretend not to be then run away with the idea (that’s me thinking very cynically)

My physical being won’t be hurt, my finances won’t be lost and although maybe my pride and ego may take a hit if I place too much attachment in getting a positive outcome to my sense of self worth, ultimately, I’ll be more thank okay

I shouldn’t fear the possibility of rejection because on the other side of that potential rejection is also all the rewards I can possibly imagine

So work away at the presentation I did and also made more headway with the post production of the documentary I’m working on

Now it’s time for some much anticipated Avengers entertainment

Happy Sunday

Be well


Act As If….

“If it were impossible for you to fail, what would you do?”

Ever heard that question before?

Whether yay or nay, think it over and answer – what would you do?

Me? I would make multiple films, write multiple books and build multiple businesses

Just scratching the surface there but who has time to read someone else’s wish list

How about you? What would you do?

well, whatever it is that you would do, why not act as if it’s impossible to fail at it

Act as if you already know you will succeed and that things will work out in your favour

Act as if the ‘yes’ is certain and forthcoming

Act as if the money you desire is already yours, see it in your minds eye, put your chest out and confidently put your best effort into everything you do

Acting ‘as if’ is a great way to trick yourself into being more confident and sure of yourself

I mean what’s the worst that can happen? That the thing doesn’t happen?

Think about all the lessons you can learn from that and how those lessons will help you do things better next time

So the downsides are very minimal and yet the upside is unlimited

Act as if – action is the key to transforming ideas into reality so take action

Be well


Do Your Homework

During a conversation with a friend of mine who is a hairdresser and owner of her own boutique salon, I asked her whether she ever thought about expanding, “oh my gosh! The last couple of weeks I’ve been thinking about how to further what I do and how I should really crunch the numbers and be ready and now here you are asking me” she replied

We went back and forth on the possibilities and how our aspirations could potentially align and allow us to partner up and work together Continue reading “Do Your Homework”