55: No Scrubs

“I’d rather live enormous, than die dormant” a rapper once declared and it resonated with me as a young listener

I too would rather live enormous than die dormant, I can’t allow my vision of what my life could be, not become reality by being so lazy as to live a dormant life

“Being broke at 30 give’s a brother the chills” – wise words from the Notorious B.I.G and how true indeed. Not that 30 is a magical number but age along with money is one of the ways we measure our progress

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16. Happy Fathers

The world needs happy fathers

Men have so much expectations set on them from society

Thankfully things are changing for the better in regards to the patriarchy ideology of ‘this is a mans world’

As women break every glass ceiling put upon them, my hope is that men will not be vilified for our past ‘sins’

Men like my father are a reminder that we as men are still useful and needed. Men do still serve a very important role in society and contrary to current mainstream belief, we are not all driven by the need to self destruct

There is a lot to be said about absentee fathers, men who disappear when push comes to shove and crumble under the weight of what it means to be a man

There’s even more that can be said of men who have used their positions inappropriately, abused their power and sphere of influence, all so they can gratify their sexual desires

Men driven by ego, libido or a misplaced sense of entitlement should never be celebrated

But good men should and deserve to be celebrated

The pressure they are under to do the right thing, even or perhaps it’s especially, when it doesn’t feel good or popular to do so

Nobody else but a man would understand

Most men, if honest, would admit to feeling unhappy, walking through life just being unhappy most of the time

And why?

Because most men often feel they don’t measure up

The expectations of society and what they often achieve in their life very rarely match up

There’s a lot to live up to

But men, if there is nothing else you do, please do this: look after yourself so you can play your role in society well

Self care isn’t a negative or soft term, in fact, it’s one of the hardest thing you will ever learn to do

Self love isn’t for women, it’s as a manly for a man as it is feminine for a woman

Self love is a human thing

Men, we do ourselves a great disservice to my put it at the forefront of everything we do

Look after yourself with enough love and care to be the pillar in society we all need you to be

Happy Father’s Day

Be well