10: Invest

See everything you do as an investment

At least that’s what I’m starting to tell myself

It’s time to juggle my dreams with my day job and my personal life and none of them seem to be letting up

See all of it as an investment

Every effort

Every hour past quitting time at the day job

Every choice to do the things that I once out off

It’s all a big investment that will pay off some day in the future if I don’t get tired and give up

The first corporate contract that I write about winning is now demanding that I fulfil the big talk I gave to obtain it in the first place

I’ll need to invest time to deliver on that contract.

My new script fell to the wayside and now I’ve decided that I’ll have it done by this Sunday, why? So I’m forced to write

I’ll need to invest time to make that possible

Just like my money, I can waste or invest my time. Only one of those choices will give me a fighting chance of seeing returns

I’ll invest

Be well