21: Into The Wild

If you’re ever in Tenerife and are into wild life, I’d encourage you to take a trip to Loro Parque

And if you do decide to make the trip, please book the ‘Discovery Tour’ which will take you backstage around the park while your guide teaches you the extreme lengths this organisation are going to as they try to preserve endangered Animals

The whole park is just a wonder to behold. I would never normally do this, I mean, I have London Zoo, just around the corner from me but other than childhood school trips, I’ve never had an interest to visit

Now I do

It was a fitting way for me to end my vacation

There’s so much more I could write but I think I want to stay carefree for my journey home

I feel relaxed and connected

I’m at the airport with a smile – heading back to reality and mentally already plotting out my next adventure

Be well


Heading Home: Day 9

It’s been a long final day in Cardiff

A part of me was counting down the minutes before I could officially say the day was over

I was scheduled to stay another night here and leave tomorrow but I decided that the comforts of my own better was a much more appealing

So here I am on the train heading back into London, I’m looking forward to being around my own things, my own space

I’m also looking forward to continuing my diet from the comfort of my own home, I imagine it will be a lot easier

We’ll see

Be well