71: Good Things Happen To Us All

A while back I wrote about a potential opportunity that I had lingering in the air, i wrote about my concerns of said opportunity not coming to fruition

I even had to affirm myself on this blog to declare that I believe myself to be worthy, capable and deserving of this opportunity

well, its happened! The client has signed off and I have officially stepped into a whole new reality and zone of possibilities

Perhaps it hasn’t fully sunk in yet or maybe its the dawning of realisation that this opportunity is far from a free ride but rather just a offering of more and more hard work

But if done right, it can lead to similar or even bigger opportunities

I am keeping the nature of the ‘opportunity’ vague as it’s still processing and also because I figured it’s much better for me to just ‘get on with it’ now that I have received the green light that it will happen

It got me thinking: good things truly do happen to and for us all. Sometimes we can go through a very long stretch of time where it feels like nothing is happening and we are not progressing in life but rather just standing still

when and if you feel like that, remind yourself that good things happen to us all and therefore they can and will happen to you too. It’s just a matter of timing

Be patient

Not the type of patience where you sit and wait for things to happen to and for you – no – I’m encouraging the kind of patience that wakes up in the morning, ready to take charge of the day and make things happen, knowing that it may not happen to day, tomorrow or even this week but this is no reason to give up

I’m talking about active patience – Active in working towards whatever it is you truly want, patient in recognising that things take time and won’t happen over night

Be so busy being actively patient in the pursuit of your dreams and goals that you dont have time to notice that good things have yet to happen – but trust me when I say, you WILL notice when they do 🙂

Be well


45: Weak Lives

Seven days without hustle makes one weak

I was thinking yesterday about how I spend my days

How we all spend our days

I came to the realisation that the majority of us ( myself included) spend our time just trying to ‘get’ through the day

Getting Through The Day

Getting through the day is a mindset where you feel like you have very little control over your time, circumstances and life

Your boss and workplace have a claim on your time

You spouse, partner or significant other have a claim on your time

Your bills, expenses and income (or lack thereof) claim your mind

Your health, state of mental and emotional wellbeing claim your mind

And yet none of it makes you feel like you’re in control

You feel bombarded with these worries

Where do you start? What do you take on first?

So, rather than swim against the currents and fight, we opt to just get through the day until it’s over

That’s a formula for disaster in the long run because you learn nothing, gain nothing and eventually become nothing more than that which you already are

Getting From The Day

On the other hand, with a little more exercise of self determination and will power we can choose to get ‘from’ the day

That is: we can choose to learn something new from our day, every day

Imagine the amount of retained knowledge you would earn by the end of the week, let alone month or year

Getting from the day is about facing each day with the desire to become more than we were the day before

Even at a 1% improvement rate, you would move a lot faster and get a lot further than not making the effort

So, aim to get something from your day

Develop new distinctions that will help you navigate through life better than you did yesterday

Be well


A Breezy Sunday

Whatever it is your Sunday presents to you, I hope you are enjoying it

Where I’m based, the weather is nice, I’m with good friends and life feels breezy ( literally and figuratively)

Life is good

How often do we acknowledge moments in life where things are or at least feel as they should

Here’s to wishing you a breezy enjoyable Sunday 😊

Be well


Enjoy The Present

Who doesn’t like receiving gifts?

A present is an unrequested, often unearned showing of appreciation from one person to another

It shouldn’t be confused with a reward. A reward is given due to some form of effort to gain it but a present is gifted because a person chose to do so without any form of work on the part of the receiver

You and I are given such a gift each and every day

It’s called another day of life, another 24 hours, a sunrise and sunset, another moment of breathing in and breathing out

Unearned and we couldn’t request for more if we tried

So enjoy and appreciate your ‘present’ – let go of the past otherwise you’re doomed to repeat it or at the very least, mentally relive it unnecessarily

Worry not about your future for it has yet to manifest and worrying about it won’t make it come any sooner

The present is the gift most taken for granted and yet within it is the future hidden in seed form and lessons of the past serving as a foundation to build from

You have everything you need

Today, this very moment, right NOW is all you have

I don’t think it’s a coincidence that we call it the present

Gratitude for any gift goes a long way

Be grateful for yours

Happy Sunday

Be well


Wonderful You


This is weird or least you will likely think I’m weird for even writing this

But this is dedicated to you, yes I do mean you, the person reading this

We will likely never meet face to face and therefore I have no real grounds to say what I am about to say other than it being true. But, if you’re anything like the rest of us, you most likely get very uncomfortable when being praised or complimented


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