Weight Loss Goal: Day Three

Staying busy helps

Today was a very busy day up here in Cardiff and I noticed that I didn’t even think of food while I was working

That’s definitely what you call a learned distinction – a learned distinction is a set of skills, principles or just points of view you pick up when trying to master or become good at something, the more distinctions you come up with, the better a chance you stand at succeeding

Today, I had my granola for breakfast, vegetable soup for lunch – a salty caramel ice cream and a Cottage pie for dinner

I think even with the ice cream, I have done well today…..okay, not well per say but I’ve done a decent job.

Today I learnt that staying busy keeps food far from my mind which means I don’t eat for entertainment or out of boredom

87 days to go

Be well



Keep First Things First

We are half way through the year

I said to myself that loosing weight was my only goal this year

I have taken my eyes off the prize

It’s time to bring myself back to what I said I would do

What about you?

When the year started, what did you want to achieve? How are you getting on with that goal, dream or wish?

Don’t let days become weeks and weeks become months without doing something to move you towards your goals

Keep your first things the first thing and let everything else fit into your life

Be well


Do Your Homework

During a conversation with a friend of mine who is a hairdresser and owner of her own boutique salon, I asked her whether she ever thought about expanding, “oh my gosh! The last couple of weeks I’ve been thinking about how to further what I do and how I should really crunch the numbers and be ready and now here you are asking me” she replied

We went back and forth on the possibilities and how our aspirations could potentially align and allow us to partner up and work together Continue reading “Do Your Homework”

Shut Up &…(Fill The Blank)

Fill in your blanks

You know what it is that you’ve been procrastinating on

You know that thing that even your closest of closest friends and family are annoyed about you telling them about….yeah that thing, shut up about it and fill in that blank with action

The minute you stop talking, you will create a void, that void will need to be filled with something, action is the best remedy Continue reading “Shut Up &…(Fill The Blank)”

Do It Now

When you feel like putting it off until later, tell yourself ‘do it now’

when you’re caught between the choice of relaxing and attending to that important thing that you’ve been wanting to do, remind yourself to ‘do it now’

‘Do it now’ is a mantra that can help you combat procrastination and get things done on time. The more you put things off the longer it will take for you to reach your destination

You don’t know how long you are pushing your dreams back just by simply not following through with your stated goals  Continue reading “Do It Now”