No Strings Attached

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“Sometimes you piss me off!”, her voice is usually gentle and warm

Not today

“You know what Nicole, like, right now I don’t need to hear” I begin before Nicole interrupts me (again)

“And the thing is, it doesn’t even matter what I say because come next week, or next month, you’re gonna be right back here again, doubting yourself, not believing in yourself and allowing another girl to walk all over you. what’s wrong with you?”

I can feel her anger across the phone

Best friends have a way of cutting through the superficial and speaking to the core of your dysfunction.

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and Action!


Thanks for visiting my corner of the internet, I’m Serge Rashidi – Zakuani but clearly thats a mouthful so call me SRZ

I tell stories. First through music, then through stage plays and now through films

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