45: Make The Time

You once genuinely loved this people

You once spent all the time in the world with them

These people were your friends. A family away from family

A place to call home

Inevitably, life creeps in. You all become busy, some of you become successful, others….not so much

Ego creeps in. It suddenly becomes competitive rather than complimentary partnerships

Words get said, pages get turned until those that you once held dear and close to your heart are now on a completely different page to you

And all the while your time continues to be taken up by things that in the end rarely will you be glad you spent so much time on

If you’re lucky, one of you will make the effort. One of you will wisely drop their ego and reach out to a friend

We all need those friends that love us despite our shortcomings. Friends that stick with you even when you’re behaving unreasonably

And if you’re wise as well then you begin to make the effort to find time, to not allow life to drag you away from everything that truly matters

Find the time

Make the time for the people who make your life feel that little bit more better, more enjoyable. Complete

Be well


61: Take Aways

People go out on Fridays

Or if they stay in, they normally order a cheeky take away

It serves as a reward for some, comfort food for others and plain old habit for the rest

How about Friday being the end of the work week so we could give ourselves the time to think about what we took away from the week

What we learned, gained and came to understand better than last week

As the saying goes, if you’re not learning, you’re dying

Be well


Wheel Power: Digest

Every school of thought, religious doctrine and philosophical teaching agree that we as human beings have free will

Some even say it’s our greatest gift by life

We have the power to choose our fate and define our destiny

How seriously do we take this concept? How far do we consider our free will reaches

Having free will places you in the driving seat of life

You are at the wheel, steering your life wherever you deem appealing

That’s what I call wheel power

And with great power comes great responsibility

Keep the tank full, fill it up with the right fuel, keep a spare wheel in the boot, make sure you are insured and read all the signs ahead so you don’t get lost or crash

You are at the wheel

You have will/wheel power

Use it wisely and it will pay you back 100x over

Be well


Smooth Mountains: Digest

Have you ever seen a smooth mountain?

A mountain without edges, cracks, peaks or valleys?

No, a smooth mountain is unclimbable – it offers nowhere to push/pull yourself further up with

A mountain needs those apparent flaws in order for us to make use of it

Life is that said mountain

Were it to be smooth all the time, you would never grow and would die of boredom and mental, spiritual, emotional and physical atrophy

You need all the curveballs life throws at you

So be grateful for the twists and turns, peaks and valleys because all of it is happening for you – not to you but for you

Be well


Success: Digest

“success is 1% inspiration and 99% perspiration” 

Ever heard that saying?

Make of it what you will but for me it merely means that ideas, insight, motivation none of the aforementioned will be enough to get you to the kind of success you’re shooting for

There always has to be sweat equity involved – if you’re not working hard enough to sweat for it then chances are you’re not working hard enough to truly achieve anything from it

Be well


Staying Ahead: Digest

Have more than one option

Start multiple fires, have numerous plates spinning in rotation and balls juggling in the air. In other words, stay busy building opportunities for yourself

In this fast paced world, one income stream, though perhaps enough to survive on, will not be enough to thrive on in the long run

Think outside the box – the old way is called that for a reason – because it’s old, outdated and obsolete, stick with it and you’ll be too Continue reading “Staying Ahead: Digest”