64: Nobody’s Reading

Nobody’s reading my posts anymore

Haha, that’s the thing with making something available all the time, it doesn’t create a demand or a need for it

If people already know that they can get something whenever they need it or want it, it often takes away the sense of urgency to purchase the product now

Supply from demand, I don’t have any idea as to why nobody is currently reading this blog other than perhaps my marketing of the blog is not great. I’m eight months in and if I were to compare (something you should never do) my blog journey with others I would notice that I am failing

If my measurement for success was solely based on number of followers, likes or other similar metrics then I would not be doing good

But right now the most important thing is for me to keep writing no matter what

When things are considered rare or good then the demand for them grows in kind

I guess my writing is currently neither rare or good – but one day it will be if I just keep writing and working on it

So that’s what I will do

Be well