69: Communication is key

I’m slowly realising just how much I underestimate the power in being able to communicate well

The more I think about it, the more I realise that most problems stem from poor communication

Poor communication leads to misunderstandings, hurt feelings, unmet expectations and a number of other things that could all be avoided with better communication

How can we improve our communication?

Listening: most often when I’m trying to improve my communication skills, I think about better ways for me to ‘say’ things so that people will understand me better but this should be the second thought

The first thought should be me listening to the other person, seeking to understand where that person is coming from before trying to influence them to understand where I’m coming from

Placing yourself in the shoes of another will aid you in finding common ground with that person so you can create rapport with them, once you have rapport, you will have better chance of communicating effectively with that person

Considering how crucial it is to be able to influence others in life, to be able to sell ourselves in some shape or form, I think learning the art of effective communication is paramount

Without great communication skills, you will never progress in your career, your interpersonal relationships will be mediocre at best as you will have many unmet expectations which inevitably can only lead to disappointment

People can go on for years without speaking to close family members because of something that was said or how what was said was interpreted by the other person

Often people don’t speak as directly as they could, we often ‘beat around the bush’ rather than just stating what we really want

The better our communication skills, the better our chances at living the life we truly want to lead

Be well


33: Listen

I get the best results when I do it

I lose my way when I fail to do it

Most of us rarely, if ever do it


Such a hard thing to do in this very noisy world of us

Everybody seems to be talking

Social media tweets, IG posts, Facebook statuses, what’s app messages and multiple other notification alerts beg for your attention everyday

Every minute of every hour of everyday

But is anybody actually taking the time to listen?

Are you?

Do you take the time to listen to yourself?

Do you acknowledge or ignore what your intuition, gut and inner self are trying to tell you?

I think this world would be a far better place if we were all taught the crucial skill of listening as kids

Anybody can talk but very few communicate well with their talking

Anyone can be silent while someone else has the floor but very few people can actually do the real work of hearing what the other person is saying and then relate it back to them, showing them that they are on the same page

That takes a lot of work

Work that I certainly need to do

Be well