34: Dead Time

Imagine being locked away from society because you needed to be rehabilitated?

That’s what each prisoner is doing while in jail, or at least that’s the idea. The time spent in prison will help them make better choices when they finally come out

We all know that hardly ever works, at least not for the majority of prisoners. Instead, once released, the inmate will most likely find a way to end up right back where they now feel they belong


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12: Become a Prosumer

We live in a capitalist society

We also live in a world where we are told that we are not enough and marketing companies exploit that fact

Every week there’s a new miracle diet, cosmetic line, fashion trend. In other words, a new special something to solve all your problems

If you feel you lack something, worry no more because here comes the news honey thing that will fix that lack in your life


There’s nothing wrong with it. I love the latest gadget, clothes and other stuff

But if that’s all I did

If all I ever wanted was to consume, consume, consume then guess what? Eventually all that consumption would consume me

At least I’d feel it in my bank account

Here comes that word again, balance. Something needs to balance out all that consumption


You need to be a producer. A producer creates, they bring something of value to the market place

Producing something will make you wealthy. However you measure wealth, money, love, loyalty, health. These things come from production not consumption

A productive individual actively works towards making things happen

If you produce nothing, you’ll earn nothing. If all you do is consume, eventually you’ll be consumed

But if you merge the two, you can comfortably be a ‘prosumer’ – a hybrid of of a producer and a consumer

That means you not only write the checks but you produce the paper it’s written on! Think about it

Close the circle between producing and consuming and the wheel will keep turning

You consume too much food and produce no energy output to balance it out and watch your body mass expand until it causes health problems

Even having money without letting go of some results in a hoarding stingy heart. Why do you think the wealthy are philanthropic?

The yin and yang keep the balance of man

Produce, consume then produce again

Be a prosumer

Food for thought

Be well


2: 80:20

Ever heard of the Pareto principle?

Italian economist Vilfredo Pareto noticed that 80% of the wealth and land was owned by only 20% of the population

This mathematician figures out that there was a huge disproportionate group of people struggling while a small number of people thrived

This rule has gone on to be duplicated in all forms of life including business and personal

You spend 80% of your time with 20% of your friends and family

20% of your clients are responsible for 80% of your business income

Etc etc etc

So with that in mind – how can you and I figure out what and who these 20% factors so we can work towards increasing our focus on them

This is what I’m currently thinking about. My mind is chewing on this equation and how it applies to my life

Still thinking about it 🙂

Be well


84: Newtons Law

Objects in motion will remain in motion unless acted upon by an external force

Objects not in motion will remain not in motion unless acted upon by an external force

This is one of Isaac Newton’s laws that has helped shape our world

I am living that law this very minute. Truth be told, I am always subject to this basic law of life, as are you and everything else

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73: No lift, Only Stairs

There are no short cuts to success

The lift is broken

If someone points out a way for you to make money or become successful quicker than industry average, know this: that so called short cut is actually the long way

Taking the supposed short cut to where you want to go will end up taking you longer than if you had just done it the right way to begin with

So take the stairs

It may seem time consuming and cause you to exert more energy than standing in a lift all the way to the top but in the long run it’s much more beneficial for you on all fronts

No lifts, only stairs

Be well


72: Build Your Own

Every person is the master in their own home

Would you accept being bossed around in your own home by a stranger?

Would you even accept it from a close friend or family relative? I hope the answer is no, I mean why would you allow yourself to be bosses around, not in your own home!

We all may not be able to rule or control many things in life but we can definitely rule, control what happens in our own home

That is our domain, regardless of how big or small it is

That is our home – we should treat our lives in the same way. Why would we allow anyone to determine, decide or define any aspect of our lives that contradicts who we are or who we desire to become

We have to build our own

Our own homes, businesses, opportunities and ultimately lives

If we don’t build it then guess what? We will ask someone else to rent a room in the house they built which means they will determine everything for us, the cost of rent, curfew, whether we can bring guests or not etc

Understand that everything I’m writing should be taken metaphorically

Building your own house means taking charge of your situation and building a house that is large enough to serve as a home for the many facets of things you want to do

Build your own and nobody can take it from you and if they did you have gained the skills required to build another one

Be well


66: The Real World

I’m so close to an opportunity becoming reality

So now I’m a little concerned that it may not come to fruition


I am worthy

I am deserving

I am capable

I am ready

Why wouldn’t it happen for me? Why wouldn’t my dreams become a reality?

It happens to other people all the time, why not me

This chasing dreams stuff can be stressful at times

It’s hard to know what steps to take and which ones to completely avoid

No wonder some of us opt to have someone else do the thinking for us, we hide behind big organisations that have preset career paths for us

We do very little of the thinking and instead we are told what to do, how long for and when we can have a holiday etc

In return the company gives us some level of security and upward mobility

But this is all a false sense of security

The real world is a beautiful yet sometimes tough to navigate

Doesn’t mean it’s not worth it though

Be well


59: conditioning

I’m tired

6:30 club was no problem, time to join the 6am club

I’m cycling again – but it’s like all the conditioning of commuting 28 miles a day was forgotten by my body and I’m back to square one


Thankfully my muscle memory is in tact and it’s probably the only thing keeping me going right now

I don’t know if now is the right time to be joining the 6am club

Sleep is going to be so important for my body’s recovery

But is August now and so it’s ‘writing season’

By the end of this month I will had a new screenplay drafted

Thankfully I already know what it’s about and why I want to write it, so now there’s nothing left to do but write it

I titled this post as conditioning because I think that’s what it boils down to

We can’t move off our whims and fancies. We can’t expect to always ‘feel like’ doing things

At some point we won’t want to do the things we know we should

At some point we will want or ‘feel’ like giving up. At some point we won’t be bothered and the only thing we can rely on in moments like those is our conditioning

Conditioning is just another way of saying habits

Mental conditioning

Physical conditioning

And many other forms of conditioning that you can implement to ensure that you become an effective person

I’m writing through tired eyes so apologies if none of this makes sense

Be well


58: If You Think You Can

7am club was easy

6:30 club, I’m coming your way

I’ve been cycling to work and back again and it’s thrown my body into shock

It’s been at least 2 months since I last cycled so it’s safe to say my body isn’t used to it

But whether you think you can or think you can’t, you are right

It’s all in the mind

Whatever your current station in life, wherever you find yourself, know this

You created that

You decided that’s what you deserve somehow, regardless of whether you’re happy about it or not

So examine your thinking and ask yourself whether you believe you can do, be and have the things that you’re thinking about

I’m tired and need rest, that’s all I can manage to write

Be well


57: Before You Can Walk

So I failed miserably

The 4:30am club still won’t let me in, my credentials just ain’t quite there yet

I went to sleep at around 2am, so I knew I was gonna fail

But I’m trying

And very few people succeed at the very first attempt

So I’ll keep trying but perhaps alter my strategy

I can’t enter the 4:30am club just yet but I can perhaps start with the 7am club for now

Crawl before you can walk, eventually you will walk and after that you may even run

So keep going

Be well