The Negotiation: PT1

Day Forty Nine

I’m sick of you and your bullshit. You’re lazy, inconsistent, and unsuccessful, at least not as successful as you would be if you did everything, I asked you to do.

I don’t care what you want, you’re going to sleep less hours than you need and workout for 2 hours then put in another full days work and after that, you’re going to work on your dreams and there’s nothing you can do about it! 

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10 ways to handle frustration

Day Forty two

1.) write a very detailed essay on what is frustrating you

2.) ask yourself what outcome you really actually want and acknowledge what you feel is preventing you from having it

3.) Meditate on the problem for 20 min for 7 days, write down any and all solutions that come to mind during this period

4.) keep a solutions journal for 30 days around the things that are frustrating you

5.) count to 10 then another 10 until you reach 100

6.) exercise consistently

7.) get consistent good night sleep

8.) pray about your frustrations

9.) speak honestly, candidly and with transparency about your frustrations with a trusted friend/mentor

10.) once you know what actions to take and you take them, let go of everything else