69: Swim With The Sharks Or Sleep With The Fishes

“Luca Brasi sleeps with the fishes” – any Godfather movie fan will recognise that line and understand what it means

Luca Brasi has been killed in the line of mafia duty as Don Corleone’s hitman

What in the world has that got to do with real life?

A lot as it turns out

We may not be living a mafia lifestyle, least I know I’m not and I hope you aren’t either, but that doesn’t mean that we do not live a dangerous life

We swim with sharks every single day. We navigate our way through this world, desperately trying to figure out how to carve out our own space and etch out a living

The waters are rough though and many go under and stop swimming entirely. They sleep with the other dead fish

Only dead fish swim with the current ( they have no choice after all) while the rest of the fish, alive and kicking, swim upstream and struggle against the tides

It’s the way of life. Progress is always met with resistance. Yet without that resistance against forward motion, the law of lift would never be introduced

I guess I’m slowly learning to recognise that you become like the people you spend most of your time with

Dead fish are surrounded by none other than other dead fish

Guess who sharks are surrounded by?

Guess what I am?

Be well


67: Idea Machine

I read about this from a blog by James Altucher

He believes that if you write 10 ideas down daily, 5 days out of the week, within about 6 months you will become an idea machine

Just like any other muscle, the brain requires exercise and consistent use in order to grow stronger

Ideas are one of the ways to do that

Try it out, I’ve been doing it every day this week and already it’s hard to come up with ideas

Try it out

Definitely challenging

Be well


66: A Fog

Too many thoughts

Too much to do

Planning a film release. Completing another film, starting a new one and trying to figure out life and myself in the process

Too much thinking

I can drive myself crazy with the many thoughts I allow to go over and over in my mind

Thankfully I know what to do

Thankfully I’m not afraid to ask for advice

Thankfully, there’s always a helping hand willing to help out

The mind is a powerful thing. Left to its own vices, well, it can make a hell out of any heaven

Go easy with things

Be well


64: Hangovers and Netflix

All day today I’ve been recovering from the night before

It was a great night out – well except for the part where my friend lent his jacket to a girl who ended up walking away with it and never to be seen again

Today I’ve been lying in bed with that hangover feeling, binge watching House of Cards season 6

I must say, I didn’t expect to like it, wasn’t sure it could do well without the character of Frank Underwood but I was gratefully wrong

And now it’s time to prepare for a new week. I feel like I’m setting on a new course and although I currently don’t feel it, I know there is a level of excitement bubbling just underneath the surface

Be well