70: Becoming Elvis

So, not too long ago, I took part in a creative work session called ‘Upping Your Elvis’

The whole point of the course was to enhance how we show up in the workplace by not being so concerned with day to day routines but rather, focusing on ideas and how we show up in the world as a means to improving and increasing our productivity

The course is called Elvis because as an iconic figure, Elvis for many, represents standing out from the crowd, perfecting your craft and becoming easily recognisable for what you do and for who you are

We can all become our own type of Elvis by choosing to show up to the work with great positive energy rather than allowing the many reasons we have to be negative to suck us in

Energy is contagious and can influence people in the best way if you but trust it

Be well


69: Communication is key

I’m slowly realising just how much I underestimate the power in being able to communicate well

The more I think about it, the more I realise that most problems stem from poor communication

Poor communication leads to misunderstandings, hurt feelings, unmet expectations and a number of other things that could all be avoided with better communication

How can we improve our communication?

Listening: most often when I’m trying to improve my communication skills, I think about better ways for me to ‘say’ things so that people will understand me better but this should be the second thought

The first thought should be me listening to the other person, seeking to understand where that person is coming from before trying to influence them to understand where I’m coming from

Placing yourself in the shoes of another will aid you in finding common ground with that person so you can create rapport with them, once you have rapport, you will have better chance of communicating effectively with that person

Considering how crucial it is to be able to influence others in life, to be able to sell ourselves in some shape or form, I think learning the art of effective communication is paramount

Without great communication skills, you will never progress in your career, your interpersonal relationships will be mediocre at best as you will have many unmet expectations which inevitably can only lead to disappointment

People can go on for years without speaking to close family members because of something that was said or how what was said was interpreted by the other person

Often people don’t speak as directly as they could, we often ‘beat around the bush’ rather than just stating what we really want

The better our communication skills, the better our chances at living the life we truly want to lead

Be well


68: Iron Sharpens Iron

You are the sum total of the 5 people you spend the majority of your time with

So far you are also the sun total of the knowledge and experiences you have gained over the course of your life

The question is, are you happy with the person you are right now?

I hope the answer is an emphatic yes but we all know that we can do even better, become even better and achieve even more

Iron definitely sharpens iron and the quality of the people around you is a reflection of the quality of person you are too

Think about it

be well


67: Weak Ties

You get further in life through people you barely know

Connecting and networking is very important for your progression in life

I can’t write too much today as I’m out enjoying my Friday night

I should of anticipated this and write before but unfortunately I did not so here we are

Whether your week has been good bad or somewhere in between, I sincerely hope you’re making the most of your life right this very minute

Happy Friday!!

Be well


66: The Real World

I’m so close to an opportunity becoming reality

So now I’m a little concerned that it may not come to fruition


I am worthy

I am deserving

I am capable

I am ready

Why wouldn’t it happen for me? Why wouldn’t my dreams become a reality?

It happens to other people all the time, why not me

This chasing dreams stuff can be stressful at times

It’s hard to know what steps to take and which ones to completely avoid

No wonder some of us opt to have someone else do the thinking for us, we hide behind big organisations that have preset career paths for us

We do very little of the thinking and instead we are told what to do, how long for and when we can have a holiday etc

In return the company gives us some level of security and upward mobility

But this is all a false sense of security

The real world is a beautiful yet sometimes tough to navigate

Doesn’t mean it’s not worth it though

Be well


65: Early To Rise

I love it when I feel like I’ve already won the day and my day hasn’t even started yet

I woke up early today without planning to do so the night before and just sat down and wrote more of my screenplay

I’m really struggling with this one so the more time I can dedicate to it, the better

The action of waking up early and attending to something that I declared as important to me had such a positive effect on what I think and feel about myself

It was almost like a declaration that I am the type of person that will do whatever it takes to make sure my goals are achieved

That feeling won’t last, I know but it’s still nice to know it deep down inside and to see it demonstrated in real time

I’m 11 pages in and still grappling with doubt and confusion about what I’m writing, whether it’s any good or not

‘CHRISTMAS BLUES’ centre’s around a newly divorced young couple feeling forced to spend Christmas day with each other for the sake of their friends and families who are unaware that they recently parted ways

That’s kind of the storyline at the moment and the plan is to film in in December, right before Christmas this year – so it’s not that long to go, there’s a lot to do between now and then to make sure that the project sees the light of day

So rising early to make a dent towards it is encouraging for me because it means I am slowly but surely starting to fully commit to it

Hope you all have a great day

Take chances

Take risks

Smile and know that today is a day you will never get back again so why not make the most of it?

Be well


64: Nobody’s Reading

Nobody’s reading my posts anymore

Haha, that’s the thing with making something available all the time, it doesn’t create a demand or a need for it

If people already know that they can get something whenever they need it or want it, it often takes away the sense of urgency to purchase the product now

Supply from demand, I don’t have any idea as to why nobody is currently reading this blog other than perhaps my marketing of the blog is not great. I’m eight months in and if I were to compare (something you should never do) my blog journey with others I would notice that I am failing

If my measurement for success was solely based on number of followers, likes or other similar metrics then I would not be doing good

But right now the most important thing is for me to keep writing no matter what

When things are considered rare or good then the demand for them grows in kind

I guess my writing is currently neither rare or good – but one day it will be if I just keep writing and working on it

So that’s what I will do

Be well