Upping My Elvis

what the hell does that title mean?

I have no clue either but I am currently in Lyme Regis on a week long development course courtesy of the 9 – 5. Today was the first day, after a 3 hour train journey, our group of 10 arrived at just past midday

After some great lunch, it was time to do business

This week we will be exploring how we show up to work, the impact we have on others and how to maximise our creativity

They say teaching or at least relaying information is the best way to learn it

So here it goes Continue reading “Upping My Elvis”

Use it or lose it

Life can’t be just highlights of all the good parts yet skip over all the hard but necessary for growth parts

The whole point of it must be to experience it all, each phase, each season and each period as it is happening without wanting to jump to the next point in time

I say this with the full knowledge that I actually don’t know what the point of life is other than to live out the purpose we were all made for – each persons purpose being as unique as their fingerprint

So we all do ourselves a disservice playing the comparison game

Some people are just blessed with way more natural talent than the rest of us, while others have inhuman capabilities when it comes to their work ethic, resilience and consistency  Continue reading “Use it or lose it”

Wheel Power: Digest

Every school of thought, religious doctrine and philosophical teaching agree that we as human beings have free will

Some even say it’s our greatest gift by life

We have the power to choose our fate and define our destiny

How seriously do we take this concept? How far do we consider our free will reaches

Having free will places you in the driving seat of life

You are at the wheel, steering your life wherever you deem appealing

That’s what I call wheel power

And with great power comes great responsibility

Keep the tank full, fill it up with the right fuel, keep a spare wheel in the boot, make sure you are insured and read all the signs ahead so you don’t get lost or crash

You are at the wheel

You have will/wheel power

Use it wisely and it will pay you back 100x over

Be well


Smooth Mountains: Digest

Have you ever seen a smooth mountain?

A mountain without edges, cracks, peaks or valleys?

No, a smooth mountain is unclimbable – it offers nowhere to push/pull yourself further up with

A mountain needs those apparent flaws in order for us to make use of it

Life is that said mountain

Were it to be smooth all the time, you would never grow and would die of boredom and mental, spiritual, emotional and physical atrophy

You need all the curveballs life throws at you

So be grateful for the twists and turns, peaks and valleys because all of it is happening for you – not to you but for you

Be well