84: Newtons Law

Objects in motion will remain in motion unless acted upon by an external force

Objects not in motion will remain not in motion unless acted upon by an external force

This is one of Isaac Newton’s laws that has helped shape our world

I am living that law this very minute. Truth be told, I am always subject to this basic law of life, as are you and everything else

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73: No lift, Only Stairs

There are no short cuts to success

The lift is broken

If someone points out a way for you to make money or become successful quicker than industry average, know this: that so called short cut is actually the long way

Taking the supposed short cut to where you want to go will end up taking you longer than if you had just done it the right way to begin with

So take the stairs

It may seem time consuming and cause you to exert more energy than standing in a lift all the way to the top but in the long run it’s much more beneficial for you on all fronts

No lifts, only stairs

Be well


60: Think Things Through

Think things through

It will go a long way later on when you’re looking back at your decisions thinking “why did I choose that avenue rather than this one?”

Think things through

Before speaking words that you later regret or failing to speak words that you later regret

Think things through

Before taking actions that set off a chain of events for which you have no knowledge or power to control where things will end up

Think things through

After you’ve already made your choices and have already taken action, it doesn’t hurt to look back and evaluate exactly where it is that you are now and how you got yourself there

Okay so you’re broke now but how?

So you have no friends now, but why?

So you’re struggling to make headway in your career, again why? how? what did you do to lead yourself to where you are right now?

It’s not only in bad times that we should think things through, as the saying goes, nothing fails like success. The more successful you are the more cautious and thoughtful you have to become otherwise you may just find that success disappearing

There are so many factors of life that we have little to no control over and sometimes we can get so caught up on this fact that we very seldom think about the many factors of life we do have full control over

Many of those factors actually being the very determining factors and keys to our happiness and well being

You have control over your words, emotions, actions, reactions, money habits, health habits, intelligence, personal development, fashion sense, ambition, creativity, hustle, grind, grit to mention but a few

Look at that list again, imagine taking full control of those factors in your life, how much further do you think you would be able to travel?

How much more could you accomplish?

So, think things through at every opportunity you get

Be well


33: Listen

I get the best results when I do it

I lose my way when I fail to do it

Most of us rarely, if ever do it


Such a hard thing to do in this very noisy world of us

Everybody seems to be talking

Social media tweets, IG posts, Facebook statuses, what’s app messages and multiple other notification alerts beg for your attention everyday

Every minute of every hour of everyday

But is anybody actually taking the time to listen?

Are you?

Do you take the time to listen to yourself?

Do you acknowledge or ignore what your intuition, gut and inner self are trying to tell you?

I think this world would be a far better place if we were all taught the crucial skill of listening as kids

Anybody can talk but very few communicate well with their talking

Anyone can be silent while someone else has the floor but very few people can actually do the real work of hearing what the other person is saying and then relate it back to them, showing them that they are on the same page

That takes a lot of work

Work that I certainly need to do

Be well


32: No Losses Just Lessons

I’m not always right

It’s sadly something I have to continually remind myself because left to my own devices I will assume I always am right

I won’t and can’t please everyone

I have to continually remind myself of this too because again, there’s a deep rooted tendency within me to attempt to please

I am not for everybody

I have to remind myself that not everybody will like me or like my approach or anything about me

It’s not their fault and it’s not mine either

It’s all just energy

Like chemistry between two people, it’s either there or it’s not

But I often find myself needing to remind myself of these things over and over again, otherwise I’ll care too much about what other people think of me rather than doing what needs to be done regardless

Like anything in life it’s about finding balance

Just because I won’t be liked by everyone does not give me the right to treat anyone with anything less than the respect they deserve as a human being

Just because I can’t please everyone does not give me an excuse to not work to find win win solutions for everyone involved

With the understanding that sometimes none will be found

Placing myself in another persons position and seeing things from their perspective before reacting will help me put things into context

Better still, choosing to respond rather than react (there’s a difference) will 9 times out of 10 get me better results

But it’s all a learning curve isn’t it

There are no losses only lessons

And as long as you make the most of the lesson learned then there’s not more you can ask from yourself

20. Making A Film

I don’t feel ready

I never do

It will all work out in the end

It always does

This time will be no different

I will walk my talk and move one step closer to my dreams

It all kicks off tomorrow

I’m currently making sure that the final touches are in place, dotting my i’s and crossing my T’s

Someone once told me that nervousness and excitement create the same sensation within the body

I guess I’m really excited 🙂

Live your dreams my friends

Be well


19: Long Days

It’s been a long day

A 14 hour work day to be precise

Screened the documentary to more people and got very valuable feedback

Then spent another 4 hours working off the basis of the feedback

It’s even better now than it was before, it just goes to show that things can always be tighter, better, more slicker when it comes to filmmaking

I go home tonight tired but extremely fulfilled

I’m living my dream life, my imagination is fully engaged, my mind is challenged and every day presents a new opportunity to learn something new

I may not be in full control of my time right now but today I don’t think that’s too much of a bad thing

Be well