23: Back To Basics

I’m finally back in London and guess what?

It’s been raining 😦

No surprises there really but still, one can’t help but feel a slight tings of disappointment to be back to my reality

Let’s not confuse that with me not loving my home. I absolutely love London, after all, there’s no place like home right?

I always look forward to landing at either Heathrow or Gatwick airport for one specific reason: the ‘there’s no place like home’ surge of emotions I get upon landing safely

It never fails to put everything into perspective

But now that I’m back. It’s time to get to work. I’ve done enough laying about, sunbathing, exploring, eating, basically I’ve rested enough and now it’s time to get back in motion

Back to the writing, back to the filming, back to my life basically and most importantly, back to the basics of my life

I realise what a self indulgent post this one is. Apologies for that

Be well


21: Into The Wild

If you’re ever in Tenerife and are into wild life, I’d encourage you to take a trip to Loro Parque

And if you do decide to make the trip, please book the ‘Discovery Tour’ which will take you backstage around the park while your guide teaches you the extreme lengths this organisation are going to as they try to preserve endangered Animals

The whole park is just a wonder to behold. I would never normally do this, I mean, I have London Zoo, just around the corner from me but other than childhood school trips, I’ve never had an interest to visit

Now I do

It was a fitting way for me to end my vacation

There’s so much more I could write but I think I want to stay carefree for my journey home

I feel relaxed and connected

I’m at the airport with a smile – heading back to reality and mentally already plotting out my next adventure

Be well


20: Don’t be passionate

Imagine that!

What book would advocate for its readers not to be passionate?

Ryan Holidays!

In Ego is the Enemy – Ryan suggests that the reason why so many of us fail to actually accomplish anything is because we are too passionate about it. We care so much that we consume our time with talking about our passions rather than doing something about it

Passion can be seen in those who can tell you in great detail who they intend to become and what their success will be like – they might even be able to tell you specifically when they intend to achieve it or describe to you legitimate and sincere worries they have about the burdens of such accomplishments. They can tell you all the things they’re going to do, or have even begun, but they cannot show you their progress. Because there rarely is any

Those of us with great visions of grandeur may be able to articulate exactly what it is we will accomplish in this world but ask anybody of true grit and experience and they will tell you just how hard it is to make anything of yourself

It certainly doesn’t require passion to do so

Passion typically masks weakness

Are we trying to compensate for our lack of experience or competence in our chosen field of endeavours by being so ‘passionate’ about it?

What humans require in our ascent is purpose and realism

Ryan seems to think we are and I think he’s managed to get me to agree.

I only need to use my own life as a case study for this. As I read this chapter I simultaneously reflected on my life and the multiple things I’ve once been passionate about

Most of them I did not follow through with, many of them I barely got started with and yet if you had met me at the time of my intense passion for any one of those things, I’m confident I would of sold you on my dreams and aspirations at the time

Dreams and aspirations that would later fade into the memories of my yesteryears

What I needed was not passion or at least not passion alone but rather a heavy dose of realism.

Had I known the reality of what it would truly take to actualise my passions, I would not be bragging about them because I’d be so concerned with the many pitfalls that day in and day out my time would be consumed with preparation, execution, feedback, adjustment and execution again

While doing all of that – I don’t think I’d have time to be so ‘passionate’

The critical work that you want to do will require your deliberation and consideration. Not passion

Needless to say, this chapter gave me much to think about in how I presently approach my work

Be well


16: Be Clear

I shouldn’t be working

No – not this, writing is part of my process and it’s hardly work

I shouldn’t be working on projects while I’m on holiday but yet I’ve struggled to switch off fully

I’m now having to deal with disgruntled third party suppliers over a compensation agreement that in hindsight I clearly wasn’t clear about

The issue wasn’t raised soon enough and now it seems to be problematic

Learned lesson

Be clear from the jump, what’s in it for you and what’s in it for them and see if you both agree

Trust me, it will save the both of you time later on and will keep both parties on good terms

Another lesson learned is to think win win in all situations, at all times

Be well


15:Doing Nothing

So my flight was delayed for an hour on the runway before taking off. We landed an hour late (accordingly) and the delay made the journey feel that little bit extra long

I don’t know about you but once the initial sensation of a plane taking off subsides, the journey begins to feel like you’re just stuck in a box, sat beside groups of people who don’t know and most likely won’t get to know well enough to want to keep in touch

so after a while, all I want to do is just ‘get there’

And of course you do eventually get there and you quickly forget about your impatient feeling of getting there and begin to enjoy the new environment that you’re in

I’ve given myself Saturday and Sunday to ‘do nothing’ but relax and enjoy the scenery before doing all the ‘tours’ and ‘tourist activities’

My sleep was deep and long last night. I had to get used to the humidity and thickness of the ‘air’. I had to open all my windows plus my balcony door just so any fresh breeze would come in and give me respite from the heat

But once asleep, I was out like a light. I tend to wake up multiple times during the night and for some reason, I kept making a mental note of just how deep my sleep was. i was still up by 6am in the morning, so it’s not like I had a lie-in or anything, it’s just that when I’m home, my sleep can be shallow, what with my mind being often consumed with the cares of day to day living, it can sometimes be hard for me to switch off.

Thankfully, it seems as though I have managed to do just that while on vacay – i’ve switched off and will remain switched off even as I do little pieces of work here and there

I guess sometimes it’s great doing absolutely nothing 🙂

Be well