34: Dead Time

Imagine being locked away from society because you needed to be rehabilitated?

That’s what each prisoner is doing while in jail, or at least that’s the idea. The time spent in prison will help them make better choices when they finally come out

We all know that hardly ever works, at least not for the majority of prisoners. Instead, once released, the inmate will most likely find a way to end up right back where they now feel they belong


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31: Don’t Make It Worse

So you’ve made a mess of things

Or things have been a mess of on your behalf

The worst thing you can do is to make things even messier

Take time. Think things through so that you can respond rather than react

By the way, this isn’t advice for you but I do hope that you can also relate

I write for me

This is always applicable to me first and foremost

So while things are not where you want them to be, there’s no reason to push them even further

So just stop – worst case scenario, life will correct itself, but that’s only if you do nothing and just wait

It always works out for the best

Be well


30: Just A Few Adjustment

I struggle with being tidy and organised. So whenever I need to do some cleaning up, it never ceases to amazing me what a few tiny adjustments can do to the appearance of a desk or a room

Put things in their proper place and suddenly the whole place looks all the better for it

It got me thinking about life. Could this be the case with life too? That we are all just a few tiny adjustments and changes away from making our life the better for it?

Could it be that a short daily walk would benefit your mind and your body because you will be taking in the fresh air, spending time with your self and walking so the exercise box is ticked as well

What if sitting down Sunday evenings to plan for the week ahead would result in you being 10 times more productive? It would probably take you no more than 39 minutes to do this

What if I adjusted my perspective or attitude towards something or someone, could that result in me seeing the person or situation in a completely different light?

Perhaps life change and transformation is a lot easier to achieve than we like to believe

What in your life could benefit from small, manageable adjustments?

If something comes to mind, why not try it and see whether to actually does make a difference

You’ve got very little to lose and potentially so much to gain

Go for it

Be well


15:Doing Nothing

So my flight was delayed for an hour on the runway before taking off. We landed an hour late (accordingly) and the delay made the journey feel that little bit extra long

I don’t know about you but once the initial sensation of a plane taking off subsides, the journey begins to feel like you’re just stuck in a box, sat beside groups of people who don’t know and most likely won’t get to know well enough to want to keep in touch

so after a while, all I want to do is just ‘get there’

And of course you do eventually get there and you quickly forget about your impatient feeling of getting there and begin to enjoy the new environment that you’re in

I’ve given myself Saturday and Sunday to ‘do nothing’ but relax and enjoy the scenery before doing all the ‘tours’ and ‘tourist activities’

My sleep was deep and long last night. I had to get used to the humidity and thickness of the ‘air’. I had to open all my windows plus my balcony door just so any fresh breeze would come in and give me respite from the heat

But once asleep, I was out like a light. I tend to wake up multiple times during the night and for some reason, I kept making a mental note of just how deep my sleep was. i was still up by 6am in the morning, so it’s not like I had a lie-in or anything, it’s just that when I’m home, my sleep can be shallow, what with my mind being often consumed with the cares of day to day living, it can sometimes be hard for me to switch off.

Thankfully, it seems as though I have managed to do just that while on vacay – i’ve switched off and will remain switched off even as I do little pieces of work here and there

I guess sometimes it’s great doing absolutely nothing 🙂

Be well


13: One day at a time

You only live once

Yes. But it goes deeper than that. You also only live one day at a time

Sure, you can visualise and daydream about your future and of course you can reminisce on past events, reliving the trauma but ultimately, the day you’re living now is the only one most important

It’s so interesting how heartache and grief are the rare occasions where everyone advises us to take it one day at a time

Are you broken hearted and desperately seeking to end the suffering? Everyone will tell you, it will take time, so just take it slowly and see each day as it comes

Are you grieving the loss of a loved one? Everyone will encourage you that the pain will fade in time but it’s a process and there’s no telling when that day will be so in the meantime, take it a day at a time

Pain has a powerful way of keeping our minds locked in the present day. We may want to escape, deny what we feel but yet it’s too acute, it hurts way to much to ignore

So we it’s leaves us with very limited choices. We either numb it with food, sex, retail therapy, binging entertainment, drugs and alcohol….not to mention God, religion, work and working out

The pain pushes us into flight or fight, activity or inactivity but one way or the other, for a brief period of time, we’re reminded that we can’t escape the 24 hours assigned to us

And that’s all any of us have

24 hours. The billionaire and the homeless person alike have that one thing in common, they both have 24 hours. They both can only experience life one day at a time

The rich person can’t buy more time with their money and the poor person can’t lose the time they have due to a lack of resources

We are all fairly given the same 24 hours

My point being: what would your everyday life begin to look like if all you did was focus on doing everything you wanted to do that day?

Imagine you did that 365 times. Where would or could your life end up?

Perhaps that very question is equally flawed because it instantly forces you to think ahead to a years time, the imagined place you could be and that’s not my point

My point is pay no attention to nothing else but the day you have today. Carpe Diem and all that

Imagine al you cared about was today?

After all, isn’t that all you have?’are you promised tomorrow?

Okay then focus on what’s right in front of you

Be well


12: Become a Prosumer

We live in a capitalist society

We also live in a world where we are told that we are not enough and marketing companies exploit that fact

Every week there’s a new miracle diet, cosmetic line, fashion trend. In other words, a new special something to solve all your problems

If you feel you lack something, worry no more because here comes the news honey thing that will fix that lack in your life


There’s nothing wrong with it. I love the latest gadget, clothes and other stuff

But if that’s all I did

If all I ever wanted was to consume, consume, consume then guess what? Eventually all that consumption would consume me

At least I’d feel it in my bank account

Here comes that word again, balance. Something needs to balance out all that consumption


You need to be a producer. A producer creates, they bring something of value to the market place

Producing something will make you wealthy. However you measure wealth, money, love, loyalty, health. These things come from production not consumption

A productive individual actively works towards making things happen

If you produce nothing, you’ll earn nothing. If all you do is consume, eventually you’ll be consumed

But if you merge the two, you can comfortably be a ‘prosumer’ – a hybrid of of a producer and a consumer

That means you not only write the checks but you produce the paper it’s written on! Think about it

Close the circle between producing and consuming and the wheel will keep turning

You consume too much food and produce no energy output to balance it out and watch your body mass expand until it causes health problems

Even having money without letting go of some results in a hoarding stingy heart. Why do you think the wealthy are philanthropic?

The yin and yang keep the balance of man

Produce, consume then produce again

Be a prosumer

Food for thought

Be well


6: Stillness For Steel-ness

Okay, so steel-ness is not a word

But I hope the wordplay worked

I’m in need of some quiet time

I should make time to meditate and be still

But I haven’t done it in a long time

I keep putting it off. There’s never enough time

Yet my inner person is craving it

So why do I avoid something I crave so much?

Because I fear it at the same time

I worry that I won’t like who I find waiting for me within if I took the time to look

I’m worried that before steel-ness comes from stillness, it will break me first

Perhaps it’s all the frustration I fail to to discuss or disclose for fear of upsetting others

Or maybe it’s the disappointments I bury deep inside to help me better cope with life

Who truly knows?

The inner me does

I know this may all be too hippie dippie for some. Too woo woo for others and even bizarre for another set of people but this is me

I’m a mixture of urban black boy meets spiritual interests, centred and grounded in creative exploits

I can pretend to be someone else, something else but it would never satisfy me in the end

So stillness it is

At some point I will overcome the fear of what lies beneath the surface and decide to take a look

How bad can it be?

Be well


5: Do Not Drop The Ball

Just returning home from work

I left I don’t wear that as a badge of honour

At least not for the obvious reasons most people would brag about putting in long hours at work

“Do you know how hard I grind?! I won’t let anyone out work me!!”

Yeah I’m not bragging about it from that perspective

But I am proud of myself. I’m proud of the fact that I knew myself well enough to know that if I didn’t stay behind and do the additional work that’s recently began to pile up then it just wouldn’t get done

The ‘additional’ work was perhaps 20% 9-5 job and the rest of it was my personal dreams

Things I’ve been putting off and procrastinating on because I’ve been rationalising that ‘I’m tired’ ‘I just got home’ ‘Everyone needs a break’

Of course they do, we all do. Who doesn’t need a break from time to time? We all need to recharge and reset our batteries

But just be careful that your short pause to rest and catch a breath doesn’t turn into a permanent vegetative state

We all must keep it moving in life

Everything in moderation, all things in balance….but

Nobody said anything about having or keeping everything in perfect balance at all times

Sometimes you will feel overworked because your time is required in a work capacity more than usual

Other times it will be your personal life demanding more of you, more from you

And all you can do is keep the juggling act going

Do not drop the ball

Be well


3: What’s The Worst That Could Happen?

I’m digging into ‘The 4 Hour Work Week’ Book by Tim Ferris and really am enjoying it

It’s definitely redefining the way I think about work, my approach to work and ultimately even my outlook on life as a whole

The author has this equation for measuring risk and perhaps mitigating and minimising those risks so that you feel empowered to take the risk and break away from a life of boredom and discontentment

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