Love Always Wins

There was a royal wedding in England, my home country today

There was joy and happiness spread because of it

Not everyone would agree with the choice of Bride purely on the basis of her biracial background but me being a black man living in England, I couldn’t be more prouder of my nation and how the majority of us have embraced this royal love

Love always wins folks, no matter what

Love transcends race, culture, religion and creed. It elevates mere mortals to the realm of the gods

Love is immortal, everlasting and non perishable

It has little to do with infatuation or butterflies and everything to do with being called to expressed our highest form of humanity and greatness to one another

Choose love over all else and you solidify your position on the winning side of the equation

I hope your life is filled with all the love you can withstand and more

Embrace it all

Cherish and spread it to everyone you meet


Because in the end, it always wins

Be well


Because It’s Right

Sometimes things happen that can make us feel slighted

Life gives us the opportunity to see ourselves as the victim

In that moment it can be easy to complain, bemoan our lot in life and compare ourselves to others

When life has pushed our backs against the wall, the hardest thing we can ever do is the right thing

Doing the right thing when you feel at a disadvantage requires a superhuman strength

We must force ourselves to look beyond our own hurts, our own dissatisfactions and disappointments so that we can do what is right


Because it is right

For no other reason besides that

We should do the right thing because it is the right thing you o do and regardless of whether we ourselves have been treated right in return or not

Food for thought

Be well