50: New Beginnings

My brother had his first daughter today

He’s my brother from another mother but a brother to me all the same

After a long labour, she came. My brother and I had been talking about her for so long that the minute she decided to bless us with her presence, neither of us felt ready

She came two weeks ahead of schedule and a nearly 48 hour labour

I got the good news very early in the morning…”she’s here!”

first thing that ran through my mind was ‘praise God she’s healthy and all went okay’ then it hit me, my brother is now somebody’s father

Again, neither of us were really ready for that, 9 months pretty much flew by

I had an early breakfast meeting with a new potential collaborator that proved very fruitful as it turns out and then I went to my day job

After which I went to see my niece, and my first impression of her was ‘you are perfect’ – a head full of hair, so light in my arms and peaceful in her sleep, I held her in awe of the blessing that babies represent

People say this all the time about babies but my niece is really and truly beautiful, like angelic beauty. Innocence wrapped in human flesh

New beginnings indeed. It didn’t actually hit me until much later that I already loved her, less than a day old and she had already won me over

That feeling would weirdly grow and grow as the hours passed on. I love my brother and this was his daughter, a slice of heaven graciously given to us as a testimony of God’s goodness

How precious she is. All babies are

Yet we too were once looked upon with such delight and wonder. At least I hope that was the case for you as I’ve been told and I recollect this feeling of being centre of attention

New beginnings bring with them renewed hope

A renewed faith in a universe that is just, good and gracious

A reminder that we are all well and truly loved.

We are all walking, talking miracles and we all our it to our nephews and nieces, daughters and sons to make this world that little bit better than how we found it

A truly Happy Friday 😊

Be well


35: Crawling Forward

I’m always amazed at the level of tiredness I feel after a production shoot

It’s a wrap for ‘first corporate gig’ – (super thrilled) and now it’s over to the edits

I literally can’t get anything more from my brain today so this was my best attempt at crawling forward

Be well


33: Good Work

There’s a certain kind of satisfaction that comes from having worked really hard on something you truly enjoy and put your all into

Nothing can take away from a good days work when you know you’ve done all you can do

Contentment and satisfaction are it’s own reward

Good work brings with it it’s own reward

Just thinking out loud

I am satisfied

Be well


32: On The Eve Of Opportunity

Tomorrow opportunity awaits

In my case this is literally the case. Tomorrow I will film my very first corporate gig from my side hustle

For the next couple of months, it will become one of my main focuses, until the work is done

Hopefully work begets more work and leads to other opportunities

But here’s the thing. Everyday of our lives we are all on the eve of opportunity

Just moments away from things we presently can only dream of

Just keep walking towards them, doing all you know to do and trusting that when the time is right, the eve of opportunity will turn into the day of…

Be well


31: Don’t Make It Worse

So you’ve made a mess of things

Or things have been a mess of on your behalf

The worst thing you can do is to make things even messier

Take time. Think things through so that you can respond rather than react

By the way, this isn’t advice for you but I do hope that you can also relate

I write for me

This is always applicable to me first and foremost

So while things are not where you want them to be, there’s no reason to push them even further

So just stop – worst case scenario, life will correct itself, but that’s only if you do nothing and just wait

It always works out for the best

Be well


30: Just A Few Adjustment

I struggle with being tidy and organised. So whenever I need to do some cleaning up, it never ceases to amazing me what a few tiny adjustments can do to the appearance of a desk or a room

Put things in their proper place and suddenly the whole place looks all the better for it

It got me thinking about life. Could this be the case with life too? That we are all just a few tiny adjustments and changes away from making our life the better for it?

Could it be that a short daily walk would benefit your mind and your body because you will be taking in the fresh air, spending time with your self and walking so the exercise box is ticked as well

What if sitting down Sunday evenings to plan for the week ahead would result in you being 10 times more productive? It would probably take you no more than 39 minutes to do this

What if I adjusted my perspective or attitude towards something or someone, could that result in me seeing the person or situation in a completely different light?

Perhaps life change and transformation is a lot easier to achieve than we like to believe

What in your life could benefit from small, manageable adjustments?

If something comes to mind, why not try it and see whether to actually does make a difference

You’ve got very little to lose and potentially so much to gain

Go for it

Be well


28: People Pleasing

I like to be liked

I like knowing that people think of well me. I don’t like displeasing people

Problem is, needing to be liked leads to not having a backbone

Now I would never say I’m spineless, I don’t consider myself a coward in any shape or form

But when I get caught up in making everyone happy, I get dragged in so many different directions that I ultimately end up not pleasing anybody

Recently, a friend pulled out of a deal we had already set up. That’s not what hurt me, what disappointed me more than being let down by someone I assumed I could count on was the apparent distrust in me she suddenly displayed

And all over money

They say money and the amount we earn, save and invest is a very emotional thing. We all have our own relationship with money

Some of us hoard it because growing up we never had enough. Yet, for others, they don’t feel worthy of having more than enough so whenever they get paid, they find a way to spend spend spend it all away

I have my own journey with money but for someone I consider a friend to essentially let me down over money, to question my character over money….yeah that hurts

But within it is a lesson to be learned about not seeking to be a people pleaser

what matters more than what others think of you is what you think about yourself.

Not everybody you meet will like you

And that’s okay. It’s not okay to try to get them like you though

Respect yourself

Be well


27: Take A Step Back

Sometimes you’re too close to the matter to see clearly

You can mistake the trees for the forest as the saying goes

So, take a step back and truly assess the situation – then act accordingly

Taking a step back could be going for a walk before replying to that email that has you frustrated

At the very least you can take a few breaths or as they used to teach us in primary school – Count to 10

Be well