I’m Serge

I make micro-budget feature films and I want to turn that into a full time career one day

I love writing and want to get better at it so I can one day author a book or two but in the meantime I write screenplays that I then produce and direct (I definitely aim to get better at this too)

I run a production company called Stepping Stonez which I co-founded with three friends, Anthony Mensah and Isaac Nartey. Isaac moved on to bigger and better things – Anthony had nothing better to do so he stuck it out and I’m extremely grateful that he did, I wouldn’t want to do this without him. Ever (bromance is a real thing)

I’m an extroverted introvert meaning I love public speaking, leading a team and all the things that would mark me as an extrovert but I still get social anxieties and prefer my own company in solitude over anything else.

So, like you, I’m complex.

This blog will be as personal as it is professional, probably because I’ve never known how to separate the two

Let’s connect, we can shoot the breeze or bring a creative project to life

I’m open to both