Legends Live Forever

Day Ninety Nine

A great King passed away today.

Rest in Power King

Sure he had his issues but he fought them till the very end and left us with his great works laced with his powerful voice.

A man who publicly fought his demons, never eluded to perfection or displayed pretentious tendencies no matter how successful.

You only have to listen to ‘Slippin’ and recognise how much pain this man endured since childhood.

“To live is to suffer” that’s how that song begins and who can argue with this?

I may not struggle with drug addiction and sobriety of my kind may pale in comparison to what this man endured but I relate.

I can empathise with the struggle to overcome your lower nature, that part of you which would drag you to the depth of hell if you succumbed.

DMX found faith and proudly declared his beliefs. He was a man of many contradictions (who isn’t?) but he was open about it when most hide in secret.

For such a troubled soul, he left his mark. He should be proud of that.

I hope he is now at peace.



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