Script your day

Day Eighty One

I’ve been struggling to write, read or focus lately. Too many things on my mind but I’m working on my mindset and my focus so watch me flip this script.

This is how I want my life to be 

I am super focused as a man on my purpose first and foremost. I submit and surrender to God as my lord and saviour and every single day I build my relationship with God as I understand him. Doing this gives me the focus I need to be the man I need to be every single day so that I can take the actions I need to take.

I wake up early in the morning. I pray, I read my bible and I meditate. I then like to write out my goals as a reminder of where I am heading and what is most important to me. I then write out and say aloud my affirmations.

I use affirmations to help change my mindset and outlook on life, especially my thoughts on myself. Affirmations help me to uproot negative self believes and replace them with more empowering thoughts and belief systems.

I work out intensely for 30/45 minutes, knowing that my mind will be as strong as my body. This invigorates me and challenges me to be better, recently I’ve taken to working out without any music because I’m exploring the idea being present even during working out and not using music as a distraction.

I then get to work doing my 9-5 work as an innovation coach, I love my job, I absolutely love leading workshops and helping teams and departments solve crucial challenges and unlock their potential in moving things further along. 

I take time out during my day and go for a walk, sometimes I walk without any music or audiobook playing and sometimes I use the music and audiobooks to learn, distress and declutter my mind. I get back and finish off my working day on the 9-5 circuit.

I then begin my 5 – 7 work, writing my screenplays, working on pre-production of a project while prepping for an upcoming shoot. I love being a filmmaker and telling stories that reach and impact others. 

After all this work, I find time to meditate and be quiet for a while. This helps me to calm down and forget about the pressures of the day. I then cuddle up with wifey on the couch, where we like to watch a film or listen to a bit of music or just talk about our days, when the mood is right, you know what happens next.

Then I go to sleep and do a version of this all over again the next day and it’s a blast 



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