Meghan Markle vs The Monarchy, British Press & Public

Day Seventy One

The most polarising interview in recent history

Okay, so first things first. I haven’t watched the interview. Probably never will. I just don’t care that much about it. So why am I writing about it?

I’ve noticed a pattern as far as readership for my blog. The more I write about pop culture, the higher the visitors to this page. I would be lying if I said I don’t care about how many people visit my page so, heck, I’ll write about Meghan Markle just to see what it does.

According to various news outlet polls, the public is very divided on the interview heard around the world.

Should they have done it? Are the royal family racist? Do we still need them? What is going on with Piers Morgan and his obsession with hating all things Meghan? Why is Sharon Osbourne crying on a show one minute then apologising to the black community the next?

So many questions, some valid, others obviously not so much.

Although I haven’t watched the interview, I have heard enough about it from the media, virtual water cooler discussions at work and friends & family to pretty much get the gist of what it was all about.

I think a few critical things to point out: suicide should always be taken seriously. Nobody should ever question whether someone is being authentic when they confess that they felt suicidal.

Attention seeking or authentic revelation, it doesn’t matter. Too many families have felt the traumatic pain of a loss due to suicide for anyone to ever make light of the situation just because it’s coming from someone in a privileged position.

Another thing to be clear of is that racism is real and there are levels to this. You can’t be a ‘very much not racist family’ while turning a blind eye to the double standard of unfair treatment one of your newly introduced family member experiences.

All of us can be a little bit racist and if you’re a little bit racist, then you are indeed racist and yes I say all of us, meaning black peoples can be racist too. I say this as a black person

That aside, I don’t see what the fuss is about. Based on what Prince Harry and Meghan said they experienced, it’s understandable why they left, what’s not so easy to understand is why you would keep talking about something that brought you so much pain in the first place.

Surely both of them new that the interview would cause a massive rift and if they don’t want such attention because of its mental well-being implications, why kick the hornets nest?

These are interesting times we are living in



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