See it from a Birds eye view

Day Sixty Eight

Only from a birds eye view can you see the bends and curves

Lately I’ve been restless.

I’m in transition mode and I’m doing a lot of waiting for things to land. And I’ve been restless because waiting is hard.

I had a conversation with one of my closest friends and told him how I was feeling and he was able to diagnose me.

Lack of perspective and a need for control. That’s exactly what my issue is right now, I have no perspective because I’m not seeing the bigger picture. I’m not taking the time to look at the bigger picture because if I was, I would see how everything in my life is moving in the right direction.

I’m headed in the right direction in my career, in my aspirations as a filmmaker, in my personal objectives and goals that I’ve set for myself – I’m headed in the right direction.

But I’ve been struggling to see it because it’s not happening fast enough or perhaps it’s deeper than that, perhaps it’s because the areas I want the most progress in are also the areas I have the most limiting beliefs in.

So I try to control or at least wish I could try control things in my life more. but one of the things about control is that it stems from fear.

Controlling people are actually afraid, at least I am. What am I afraid of? I’m afraid that the things that I want won’t materialise. I’m afraid that I’ll come up short somehow and that I’ll end up hurt, disappointed and defeated.

Again, this is where bigger picture thinking comes into play. I’m already winning, I’m already doing way better than I thought would be possible for me even just a few years ago.

I’m doing well and I’m going to do even better, I know this because I am a winner. I win. Winners win.

I’m working on my growth mindset, I’m working on my positive energy to have positive manifestations and I believe I have them.

Curves, twists and bends are to be expected in life, but the path always points forward and life progresses

So see the bigger picture whenever you’re feeling restless



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