Celebrate every Milestone

Day Sixty Five

Do you ever stop and think about how far you’ve come in life?

Do you ever consider how much progress you’ve made?

It’s difficult to notice progress if it’s not a major milestone but I’m willing to bet that you’ve made so much progress, it’s even likely that you’ve done a lot more than you previously would’ve believed you could.

I’m also willing to bet that you don’t think so – I’m willing to bet that you feel a little behind in life, like you haven’t done much.

How is that possible?

How can it be possible that you’ve achieved more than you previously would of thought you could but yet you still feel behind?

I don’t know but I have two theories.

The first is that most of us hardly ever set clear goals that we then systematically track and measure our progress against.

Secondly, even fewer of us find a reason to celebrate the small milestones that we pass because they don’t feel big enough to deserve a celebration.

But by not celebrating, you’re depriving yourself of the feeling of winning, you’re moving the goal post each time, waiting for a significant enough achievement to occur before you allow yourself to be happy.

And guess what is happening while you wait?

That’s right, life. Life is passing you by while you wait for major milestones to arrive.

So from here on out, I intend on celebrating everything, no matter how seemingly small it may be.

Life is more fun that way



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