Day Sixty Four


We all want that for the world right? We want everybody and everything to be in a state of peaceful alignment.

Truth is, so long as there are those who have and those who feel they do not have, there will always be a sense of war.

But deeper than that, as long as there are individuals who are unhappy, discontent, jealous of others, consumed by hatred for others then there will always be warfare.

It turns out peace is a costly state of being. Think back to when your peace of mind was disturbed, do you remember what that felt like? What would you have given in that period of your life just to get back to a sense of normalcy?

Being at peace with yourself means to be at one with yourself, it means the whole of your being is aligned.

The more I love life, the more I recognise that finding this alignment within is paramount to living a good life.

A peaceful mind is one filled with clarity, optimism and confidence. To be clear, being peaceful doesn’t mean you don’t face any adversity, or that your life is problem free but rather, it means that you don’t allow these things to disturb your inner world.

Yes, it’s possible to be without worry, doubt or fear even in the middle of your greatest personal storm. It’s possible to be peaceful even when everything around you is shaky and uncertain.

Once you have peace (of mind) recognise that this is rare and many people do not have the fortune to have it and therefore you should do everything within your power to protect it and keep it.

Of all things in life, I wish you peace as you journey through



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