10 Ways to Develop Perseverance

Day Sixty One

Just a chilled out day.

I’m not in the headspace to write anything today so I went to my trusted 10 ideas list.

10 ways to develop perseverance

1.) set one extremely hard to achieve goal and keep at it until it’s done

2.) put yourself in stressful situations that you know you dislike and keep yourself in that situation until you get used to it

3.) Take cold showers only during weekdays

4.) create short challenges like 3 day no food, 21 day workout non stop etc

5.) there is something you’re afraid to do that you keep putting off, do it today

6.) think about the best life you think you’ll have….why not begin working for it now

7.) learn something you consider unlearnable

8.) force yourself to do things correctly, if you get it wrong, start again from the beginning

9.) Attempt the 100 rejection challenge in your chosen field

10.) contact or ask people who have already rejected you and ask them the exact same question again. Then again and again until you no longer fear annoying people



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