You Are What You Feel

Day Fifty Nine

Ever felt on top of the world? Like you were invincible and bulletproof? How about depressed or like you could do nothing right?

I’m sure like me, you’ve felt to some extent or other a spectrum of these feelings. As human beings we go through numerous feelings, often within one day.

But overall, we all posses an emotional set point. If I asked you to think of someone who is constantly positive, every time you speak with them, their demeanour is one of positivity and progress. Could you think of someone?

Now, what about the inverse, a constant negative person who drains you of your own goodwill through their pessimism. Does anyone come to mind?

How about yourself? Where do you assume people would place you? Would they consider you a positive, uplifting individual who uplifts them or would they say something different?

Feelings control our state of mind and determine our sense of well-being. You are what you feel you are.

Sometimes, it doesn’t even matter how great life is all around us, it doesn’t matter what others tell us we should be happy or grateful for, if we don’t feel it ourselves then nothing will make us feel otherwise.

Ever wondered why some of the most successful, famous achievers lead dysfunctional lives? Using drugs or other coping mechanisms when others are so envious of them.

Think about Michael Jackson, the king of pop and the drug use that would eventually take his life – as unique and successful as this man was, his life was so complicated and tragic in many ways that success amplified his pain rather than soothing it.

The truth is nothing out there can help heal everything in here (taps heart).

The reverse can also be found to be true. Many of those considered the most poor, the most lacking in resources often report much higher enjoyment of life

Whoa – let me slow down here. Just to be clear, I am not saying poverty brings happiness and success brings depression, let alone suicide.

What I am saying is, we are about as happy as we decide to be. I am saying that a limited amount of resources can sometimes force us to focus on the things that truly matter to us.

You can be successful and very happy and you can lack resources and be all the more miserable for it.

You are what you feel you are.

Choose your feelings wisely.



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