The growth

Day Fifty Seven

Do not despise the days of small beginnings….

I’m growing.

As a person I’m growing.

Internally, with my emotions, my thinking process, my maturity etc, I am growing.

My decision making and choices. My habits and daily routine inform me that I am growing.

I’m alive and in this moment, in this season, I am growing.

And I want to appreciate this. I’m not alone in this, I thankfully have a very strong support system.

I thankfully have family and friends who are consistently there for me. The truth is, I can be needy, I often need the same thing I give out so effortlessly: encouraging words of affirmation.

Because I can be needy, I try to limit my requests, I shy away from making calls and asking for the things that I crave.

Now I’m realising that I need to give those things that I crave to myself. No other human can possibly meet those needs and in fact, it would be unfair to expect them to.

Growth is a mindset and I’ve set my mind to grow (see what I did there?)

I’ve noticed that a sense of progress gives me joy and a feeling of being stuck makes me sad.

Suffice it to say I’m joyful



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