Day Fifty Five

“Sunbather nearly died after air mattress drifted at seas”

We’re almost through two months of 2021 already! Time is ticking away at rapid speed even during a pandemic and lockdown in the UK. Under normal circumstances, this is often the time people begin drifting away from their new years resolutions.

By now the novelty of a new year has come and gone and all that is left is the truth of who you are, what you want and why you cant have it. 

It’s like every new year we all set out on this clear mission: 

“I’m going to lose 20 pounds this year”

“This is the year I finish my screenplay”

“This is the year I get my credit score in check”

“This is the year I find love” 

“This is the year I leave my job and find something better” 

All these hopes and plans, and we truly are excited and enthusiastic about achieving them. The first week comes by and the excitement is still there, matter of fact, it’s potentially even building up, you just know this is it, this is the year you finally make it all happen.

By week three (if not sooner), realities of life start kicking back in. Your manager doesn’t understand why you’re not happy where you are and isn’t that helpful in giving you concrete steps you can take to move your career forward.

Not to mention, writers block has you writing zero words per day and at that rate, you’ll be getting nowhere fast in no time. Besides the job market is trash as there’s this thing called a pandemic going on and everything is tight and competition for the limited jobs available is cutthroat.

You’re eating more than you need to, eating the wrong things at that and stuck working indoors most of the time and since you’re WFH (working from home to the uninitiated) you find yourself working way longer, with less breaks than usual. So guess that’s the weight loss plan out of the window too.

And love? Forget about it, it’s hard enough getting you to just love yourself let alone have a big enough heart to love someone else. 

So you drift. You begin allowing the days to blend into one hazy pandemic life where everything can be explained away by saying “well, we’re in a pandemic, what do you expect?”

The more you drift, the further away from land you get. You’re lost at this vast sea called life, allowing the current to take you wherever they may.

That’s the danger of it all – the further to sea you drift, the more exposure to the numerous dangers out at sea you have.

Are you drifting? Or are you still swimming against the current, heading towards land?

Swim baby, swim.



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