The Negotiation: PT 2

Day Fifty

Would you like to go for a run? 


How about if you only had to jog? 

Then maybe?

What if after your jog, I let you buy that thing I’ve been putting off buying for you?

Really? You’d finally buy it?

Yes, if you go for a jog today, I’ll buy it. Do we have a deal?

Yes. We have a deal

Imagine that was the conversation you had with yourself! It’s easy to overlook ourselves so much that we assume, take it for granted that anything we need done by us, we will just comply with because the order is internal

Not true! How many times have you desired to do something only to let yourself down by procrastinating, waking up late, wasting time or just doing a poor job of things. I’ve come to realise that just we need to talk ourselves into doing things just as we would anybody else.

There needs to be something in it for us, beyond just “do it because I’m asking you to and you’re me so what choice do you have” sort of thinking.

I’ve been working on my self-negotiations as of late and do you know what I’ve discovered?

There is not a lot of things I want to do unless I’m willing to give myself a reward for it. The reward doesn’t have to be big but it needs to exist and I need to want it and not feel like it’s a cheap and poorly thought out reward. 

I’m realising now that I have a long way to go in finding out what works for me in getting myself motivated but at least I’m on the path and that’s a start



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