The Negotiation: PT1

Day Forty Nine

I’m sick of you and your bullshit. You’re lazy, inconsistent, and unsuccessful, at least not as successful as you would be if you did everything, I asked you to do.

I don’t care what you want, you’re going to sleep less hours than you need and workout for 2 hours then put in another full days work and after that, you’re going to work on your dreams and there’s nothing you can do about it! 

That’s how most people speak to themselves. We wouldn’t dare to speak to others in such horrible ways but somehow, we think it’s okay to speak this way when it’s the person we see each day in the mirror. 

Everything in life is about sales and persuasion. Getting a promotion is about being able to sell yourself to your manager or superiors as the right choice for that new vacancy. 

Asking for a dating, asking for a woman’s hand in marriage is about being able to sell yourself as the right man for the woman you love. Seduction is nothing but a sensual sales pitch, dangling something someone wants until they cave and go after it. 

Those brilliant at sales are often more productive in material terms than others but sales aren’t limited to achievements. Parents need to be great salespeople to get their children to believe them about eating more vegetables, working hard at school, and growing up to become responsible, productive members of society.

Life’s a pitch. 

The only issue is, we always miss one person out of the equation. We miss out on pitching ourselves into whatever it is we need to do. 

Do you talk to yourself? 

Of course, you do, we all do. The only problem is, we never consider ourselves as worth the time to have a proper conversation with, ask real questions and wait until a real answer comes to the surface.

For example, here is a poignant question: ‘what do you want?’ – no, not the acceptable response that your friends and family would be okay with, the real answer to what you want? How about those dark thoughts of revenge, anger and bitterness that you try so hard not to think about because…well, you’re trying to be a good person and good people don’t think like that.

Okay, well, what about those wants and desires that tell you to go for it, to put your hat in the ring or to simply ask for what you deep down know or feel you deserve.

There’s a negotiation that goes on within you that you barely ever gain anything from because unfortunately, you never listen to yourself, you only berate yourself for failing to do anything right, or for coming up short in some way.

What if you negotiated better terms with yourself? 

What if you became a better salesperson with yourself, coming to a better agreement of what you expect and what you want?

Think about the possibilities



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