10 Big Questions to think about now to help you avoid disappointment later

Day Forty Eight

The future is not certain or promised to anyone but that shouldn’t stop us from at least thinking about it and coming up with clear answers for what we want later.

So, below are 10 questions that I think could be a good starting point towards being ready and prepared for your future and all it may entail

1.) what you will dedicate your life to: how will you spend it

2.) retirement: will you be ready for retirement when the age approaches?

3.) health – what are you doing now to support your health in mind, body, soul and spirit

4.) what type of relationships do you want to have in love, family, parenthood, friends

5.) financial freedom: what are you doing to make yourself free financially

6.) spending money: what type of relationship do you want with money?

7.) Self reliance: how do you plan to rely on yourself later in life…do you expect your children to do it? The government?

8.) The life you want to have led: what life will bring you the most lasting joy if you were to lead it

9.) what position do you want to occupy in society? Do you want to reach the top 1% in total life fulfilment?

10.) what do you want people to say at your funeral?

As I said, these are just the starting point, I’m sure more questions will be triggered by your answers to these.



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