10 ways to not settle for a mediocre life

Day Forth Seven

Nobody wants to live an average life. We all have an idea of what a good life looks like and even have an idea of how to go about attaining said life.

Below are my 10 ways to avoid settling in life

1.) define what settling is because we can confuse it with excitement or feelings but those are not true signs of a purposeful life

2.) attempt things that presently feel or seem impossible

3.) embrace change and initiative it where possible

4.) commit to a self reinvention every 5 years

5.) aim to learn something useful and new like a degree or a skill every 1-3 years and become a life long learner

6.) live your life like a movie, you are the star, what kind of story are you gonna tell

7.) Move. Always keep moving. Through the bad, the good and the in between, keep moving

8.) desire and expect luxurious things for yourself, become comfortable with good things in life

9.) tackle a larger than life issue for the benefit of the world and others

10.) ask and pray for God’s help



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