10 Ways to be more Authentic

Day Forty Six

Everybody wants to be ‘real’ – in urban communities, ‘realness’ is currency. It’s almost instinctual, people eyeing each other up to figure out who is worth respecting, following, trusting.

Below are 10 ways to improve credibility and authenticity

1.) be honest with yourself – know who you are and who you are not. Stand for something

2.) acknowledge your short comings and when you make a mistake

3.) apologise when you’re in the wrong

4.) work in being the same person in all settings

5.) let yours yes and your nos be honest ones

6.) focus on your own flaws and allow others to deal with theirs

7.) compliment with honesty, critique with empathy

8.) speak what you feel to be true

9.) don’t seek to impress or please anybody but God – not even yourself

10.) forgive others and ask for forgiveness too



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