10 ways I was preventing my own success 2 years ago

Day Forty Four

I’m doing inventory on my notes that I write on my phone: hence the constant 10 this, that and the other format of late.

I found this following list very interesting. This was what I wrote was preventing me from succeeding in 2019.

I read the list with a sense of pride because many of the things I was doing then I no longer do. It’s a great way to measure personal progress.

So, without further ado….

1.) no clear or true vision for my life or dreams, without a vision, the people perish

2.) procrastination is a dream and productivity killer

3.) watching too much tv – it keeps me from doing other more productive things

4.) No structured sleep routine – research shows that a systemic sleep routine aids productivity

5.) watching porn: it’s an energy drainer

6.) Not being relentless enough with opportunity

7.) allowing tiredness to stop me from doing work

8.) thinking about too many projects at once

9.) not gaining the necessary info or knowledge to succeed

10.) living an undisciplined life and being inconsistent

Thankfully I’ve stopped all if not, the majority of these things. I think I’m gonna write what a new list (there’s always a new set of hindrances)

What about you? Have you ever thought about 10 ways you are preventing or limiting your own success?



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