10 Life goals I wrote in 2019

Day Forty Three

If you’ve been reading this blog recently then you know that I often challenge myself to come up with 10 ideas on anything as a way of flexing my ideas muscle rather than allowing it to atrophy.

So below is a list of 10 goals I wrote down in January 2019. It was interesting reading them two years later and realising they still ring true today as they did then

10 Things I want to achieve in life and why

1.) self mastery – I’d like to gain as much control over my life because I feel it may be the only way to truly be happy within myself

2.) a life purpose – because even money doesn’t last long as a high, I’d like to find the thing that makes me feel like: “for this reason was I born”

3.) personal fitness – to achieve the highest physical fitness I can gain so I can discover what I’m capable of

4.) financial abundance – I want to lead a life where financial concerns are of an abundance nature and not one of lack

5.) travel the globe – to experience all this world has to offer and all the various cultures

6.) worldly success – to be recognised for my work and efforts and be publicly noted for it

7.) find and marry my soulmate – because love makes everything worthwhile

8.) Have children – because I think I’d enjoy being a dad and would be a good one

9.) build a legacy building – hospital, school, airport…probably in Africa…because I want to leave something behind after I die

10.) find God – in the way I understand him and walk with him so I can face life head on and become what he created me to be

What are your overall life objectives/goals? Are they written down?



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