Ask & you shall receive

Day Thirty Six

A short one for Friday.

A lot of law of attraction fans talk about thinking in a certain way to get the things that you want.

The idea that you have to put good energy out there to get that same type of energy back.

I agree with all of this of course but what I’ve found in my own life is that I’m often asking for things that I’m not ready to receive.

So I could flip this around and say “when you’re ready to receive, then ask”

What happens if the job of your dreams landed on your lap right now? Would you be ready?

Same could be said about the person of your dreams, the opportunity or moment you’ve been waiting for.

Forget about asking and think more about becoming. Becoming is essentially getting yourself ready to receive.

Because if you get the things you’re asking for without being ready for them, one way or the other you will sabotage them.

So get ready to receive, then when you know that you’re ready, I believe before you’ve even asked, the thing you’re after will show up.



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