Day Thirty Five

“To be a disrupter is to create a product, service, or way of doing things which displaces the existing market leaders and eventually replaces them at the helm of the sector. Disruptors are generally entrepreneurs, outsiders, and idealists rather than industry insiders or market specialists.” Businessleader.co.uk

Recently I’ve been thinking about the shake up that our world has undergone since Covid 19.

The pragmatic view of this moment in time in our world is that we are all being challenged to think and live differently. Collectively, things are difficult, lost lives, lost jobs and incomes, lost homes and lost lifestyles.

This is a lot of change to experience in less than a year. The effects of which will potentially not fully be felt for another 18 months or so.

An optimistic point of view will see all of this disruption as a growth opportunity. Those of us fortunate to have our families, earnings and lives still intact should all be grateful for that fact and not overlook that perhaps we’ve spoken with our families more now than ever before.

Many new businesses have been launched during this crisis and more are yet to still be launched.

Established businesses have innovated their approach in how they reach their customers and consumers have adapted to a digital reliant world.

It got me thinking about what sectors can do with a shake up and a disruption. So below is my quick list

10 Business Disruptors

1.) Finance

2.) Weight Loss

3.) Employment DBS check

4.) Medical


6.) Dental

7.) Clothing

8.) weddings

9.) Tax returns

10.) Addiction rehab



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