10 ways to Achieve like Jay – Z

Day Thirty Four

I used to be a massive Jay – Z fan.

Now I’m a Shaun Cory Carter Fan. As I’ve grown up, I listen less and less to hip hop music purely for the vibe and more for the lessons and advice.

Jay Z has been dropping knowledge in his tracks since his first album ‘Reasonable Doubt’ was released in 1996.

I was too young to know about him back then so I actually got introduced to Jay Z by a friend in school in 2001.

It was the height of the Nas vs Jay Z beef and hip hop was abuzz with hype for the war of words expected to be exchanged by two of the Greatest artists of all time.

I was a massive Nas fan at the time and loved his introspective lyrics that painted incredible pictures of what it meant to grow up in a project in Queens, New York, America.

Even as a British boy, I related to Nas talking about looking out of his ‘project windows’. His housing projects didn’t sound too dissimilar to the council estates found in inner city London.

Then Jay Z released ‘The blueprint’ and everything changed. He had the flow, the boastfulness and subtle nuances in his lyrics that made his music that made a second listen mandatory.

I went back and listened to everything he had released and discovered a guy who from the outset declared he was out for the money ‘you can’t knock the hustle’

He had big dreams, big plans and massive ambition and he put it all in his music.

I read articles, interviews and yes even a book about him because this guy seemed to always be 10 steps ahead of his peers.

And now as a 51 year old man, he has demonstrated how to Segway into other ventures and opportunities rather than fade to obscurity once one career path has began to dwindle.

So below are my observations of 10 ways you can achieve like Jay Z, because like he said “ I’m not a businessman and I’m a business…man”

1.) believe in yourself even when others don’t – (reasonable doubt)

2.) bet on yourself (roc a fella)

3.) be consistent – 8 years of consistent albums every single year plus joint albums

4.) seek mentors, learn from them then surpass them

5.) give an air of invincibility- as the man thinketh so is he

6.) Have positive self talk – I’m the best rapper alive

7.) Take an interest in businesses that are outside your field once you’ve mastered your own

8.) seek your equal in a life partner

9.) diversify your circle of friends to include unlikely friendships and people you may not be expected to be friends with

10.) live by a code of honour



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