10 Habits That were blocking me 2 years ago

Day Thirty Three

Interesting how much can change in a matter of 24 months. I was browsing my notes app on my iPhone and found an entry pinpointing some of the habits I had at the time that were slowing me down or outright preventing me from getting where I wanted to be.

I found this list interesting and encouraging. Interesting because I didn’t even remember writing it out, encouraging because I’ve either gotten rid of the habits on the list or I’ve drastically reduced them.

Here is the list I wrote in 2019

1.) no clear or true vision for my life or dreams, without a vision, the people perish

2.) procrastination is a dream and productivity killer

3.) watching too much tv – it keeps me from doing other more productive things

4.) No structured sleep routine – research shows that a systemic sleep routine aids productivity

5.) watching porn: it’s an energy drainer

6.) Not being relentless enough with opportunity

7.) allowing tiredness to stop me from doing work

8.) thinking about too many projects at once

9.) not gaining the necessary info or knowledge to succeed

10.) living an undisciplined life and being inconsistent

Thank God for growth and personal development



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