The power of Forgiveness

Day Thirty Two

I often struggle to think of what to write for this blog. Since it’s daily, I find that I run out of ideas fairly quickly.

Thankfully I started this habit a little while ago and it’s helped me a lot. What I do is, I think of a topic, idea or problem I’m trying to solve and then I try to come up with 10 ideas for that thing that I’m thinking about.

Which comes in handy when you’re stuck for something to write! I scrolled through my notes and found 10 ways to forgive others.

Since I’m on this sobriety journey where I abstain from porn, masturbation and lust, I have discovered that those things were masks, covering other emotions that I just didn’t want to deal with.

One of those feelings is resentment.

Often you can be carrying so much unhealthy emotions without knowing it. You can be holding on to emotions that are keeping you chained to the past and stuck there.

The remedy is always the same. Let it all go. Forgive and move on.

The less you carry, the lighter your journey through life will be is what I’m coming to understand.

So below is a list of 10 ways to forgive those that have hurt you

10 ways to forgive and let go

1.) place yourself in the position of the offender, is there anyway they can have a point

2.) put your hurt and disappointed feelings to the side and let it go

3.) recognise that holding on to whatever pain you currently feel will keep you there, feeling those feelings

4.) by forgiving you will grow into a stronger person

5.) to forgive is to be like God, it’s one of the few godly acts where we bestow mercy and grace to persons who do not deserve it

6.) recognise you’re in the wrong and admit it

7.) do not minimise the part you’ve played or justify what you’ve done

8.) be prepared for the other person not to grant you forgiveness and let that be okay

9.) recognise that true repentance is changed behaviour

10.) forgive yourself

Try even one of these and you’ll build momentum

Travel light my friend



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