No one man should have all that power

Day Twenty Nine

Today was a good day (remembers me of that song by IceCube). So many things went right. I did everything I had to do in the time that I had to do it. That Eustress I’ve been talking about is paying off. I’m growing.

Along with a close friend, I’ve been studying a book that talks about the power of our thoughts. It has that law of attraction vibe to it but it’s a very good book.

The book outlines that all of us as human beings are powerful. We are powerful forces on this earth and can use that power for either good or…well, not so good.

The problem is that for the majority of us, the idea that they could ever be powerful is ludicrous. ‘How sway?!’

How can we be powerful when we barely feel in control of our own lives? Just look at what coronavirus has done to our society, how powerful have we been in combating it?

And it’s true. We have tragically had too many loss, all of them unacceptable, unfair and just heartbreaking.

Then there’s the job losses and people losing their properties and being evicted and finding themselves in situations they never in a million years would have ever thought they would be in.

It’s all true.

Life is hard.

Bad things happen to good people all the time.

But those facts do not take away from something else that is also true. You are full of power.

Your body is made of vibrating atoms that have the power to draw similar vibrating frequencies towards them….okay, fine, I agree that’s a little esoteric but it’s scientifically accurate.

You are powerful and that’s all there is to it.

But like Spider-Man films have always declared – ‘with great power comes great responsibility’

Use your power wisely



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