Planning to fail

Day Twenty Seven

I’ve been planning to fail. I just didn’t realise it.

I’ve been stressed, sure. All of these things are new to me, okay. That doesn’t excuse any of it though.

I’ve just realised that I have not been working on a plan for my day. I’ve been waking up and just seeing where the day will take me.

That’s a recipe for disaster. Maybe not immediately but eventually without question, my aimless days will culminate in mediocre results.

The easiest thing to do to overcome this is to plan my week then break down that plan to a daily to do list.

Don’t try to do more than 5 things per day and don’t skip actions. Start with number one on your list and stick with it until you’ve accomplished it, even if it takes you the entire day and you have to move the remaining over to the next day. Stick with it.

Eventually, you will build momentum and produce incredible results.

Just try it



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