It’s not the same stress

Day Twenty Five

Today I’ve been stressed. I’m flying solo on my first ever project in my new team and the task is daunting to say the least.

The bad news is, stress never feels nice. For me it starts off with me feeling tense and constricted. I become snappy and have less patience for people, especially those I know well aka loved ones.

The good news is not all stress is the same. There is stress and there is Eustress and one does a lot of harm to your psyche and body while the other actually helps you to grow

Eustress comes when you’re growing through trying difficult things that perhaps you’ve never tried before or are currently not good at: check.

Flying solo as an innovation coach is hard, flying solo as an innovation coach on a project with a big budget and critical to business success is nauseating.

But this is good need because it means that growth is near – the next level of my careers calling and it won’t just be handed to me, I’ll need to earn it, I’ll need to work for it, sweat for it and yes stress for it too.

Not all stress is equal and not all stress is the same.

This kind of stress, the growth kind, the personal development kind, this stress I’m willing to embrace

Bring it on



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